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Switzerland’s first pilot plant for indigenous forest biomass extraction

BFH and Schilliger Holz AG's pilot plant for producing extracts from indigenous forest biomass revolutionises the forestry and wood industry.

Graphite and the green energy transition

Dr Corina Hebestreit, Managing Director of The European Carbon and Graphite Association (ECGA), discusses the role of graphite in the green energy transition.
Ensuring the waste water sector meets environmental challenges

Ensuring the waste water sector meets environmental challenges

Europe’s waste water service providers can help meet the Green Deal’s ambitions, meet environmental challenges and make our water services fit for the future.

Cobalt: a key commodity in the green energy transition

David Weight, past President of the Cobalt Institute (CI), speaks to Innovation News Network's about cobalt’s role in the green energy transition.
batteries industry

BEPA: ensuring innovation in the batteries industry

Philippe Jacques, Secretary General of BEPA, discusses the challenges facing the European batteries industry, from manufacturing to recycling.
responsible seafood

Setting the standards for the future of responsible seafood

The ASC discusses how it develops and manages industry standards to ensure responsible seafood with minimal social and environmental impacts. 
gravitational waves

Gravitational waves research and understanding the Universe

EGO’s and VIRGO’s role in pushing the frontiers of science, how that is achieved, and the importance of collaboration and co-operation in the field of the experimental and theoretical gravitational waves.
battery technologies

Battery technologies and the green energy transition

Modernising Europe’s legislation for battery technologies is a key step in building a circular supply chain but questions remain about how sustainable practices can...
Farmed seafood is a climate smart form of agriculture

Farmed seafood is a climate smart form of agriculture

With over 125 years’ experience in supporting the nation’s fisheries, NOAA Fisheries shares some of the work it is doing to ensure aquaculture has a positive impact on environmental, social, economic development.
lithium-ion battery

Achieving clean energy with ABTC’s lithium-ion battery recycling

ABTC's Chief Technology Officer, Ryan Melsert, discusses the company’s lithium-ion battery recycling process and green energy verticals.
electric vehicles

United Lithium: ensuring Europe’s supply chain for electric vehicles

United Lithium is a lithium exploration company aiming to support the European Battery Gigafactories built for electric vehicles.

Providing solutions for the lithium-ion battery demand

As lithium-ion battery and electric vehicle markets grow, so too does the demand for LIB nickel. Queensland Pacific Metals hold the solution.
sustainable batteries

A new regulatory framework to support sustainable batteries

Vivian Loonela, Coordinating Spokesperson for the European Green Deal, discusses modernising the EU’s legislation for sustainable batteries.
marine energy

Achieving a decarbonised future with the power of marine energy

Matthew Finn, Commercial Director of the EMEC, discusses the role that marine energy can play in a decarbonised future and how EMEC can help.
lead batteries

Transforming transport and energy storage with lead batteries

Dr Alistair Davidson, Director of the CBI, discusses the potential role of lead batteries in Europe’s automotive and energy storage sectors.
aquatic life

Aquatic Life Institute: safeguarding the welfare of aquatic animals

As our reliance on the fish farming industry grows, the Aquatic Life Institute discusses protecting the welfare of aquatic animals.

Discussing the global importance of the aquaculture industry

Dr Adam Hughes from SAMS discusses how aquaculture is evolving and the industry’s potential to contribute positively to the environment.
Cable bacteria

Investigating the behaviour of cable bacteria with CEM

The team at the Center for Electromicrobiology explain how they are directing their research to unravel the functions of cable bacteria.
Shifting policy towards a zero emission transport sector

Shifting policy towards a zero emission transport sector

Caterina Brandmayr, Green Alliance’s Head of Climate Policy, discusses what is needed from the policy sphere to foster a zero emission transport sector.
marine science

Ensuring the sustainable future of our oceans with marine science

Dr Matt Frost discusses the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development and scientific evidence improving marine science policy.

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