United Lithium Corp reveals three-phase lithium drilling programme

United Lithium Corp has announced its three-phase lithium drilling programme that is due to start after its acquisition of Bergby Lithium Project from Leading Edge Materials Corp.

United Lithium Corp has announced it intends to complete its acquisition of the Bergby Lithium Project, located in central Sweden, 25 km north of Gavle,during the second quarter of 2021.

The company is planning a lithium drilling programme that will begin after the acquisition is completed and is to be carried out in three phases; it is currently expected that the programme will finalised on or before 31 December, 2021.

During phase one of the programme, the company will drill 3000 metres, along strike and down dip from previously indicated lithium mineralisation at the site.

It will also perform a heliborne magnetic and radiometric airborne survey to test for structural controls on pegmatites which could bear lithium as well as on general geology and faulting. Along with this, it will conduct a high resolution airborne lidar survey in order to deliver a thorough topographic surface representation.

Between phase one and two, the company will surface and drill core samples for metallurgical test work to quantify recoveries of any lithium mineralisation from the project.

In phase two, United Lithium Corp aims to distinguish lithium mineralisation more accurately within the known mineralised zone. On top of this, the company will consider 3000 metres of further drilling, which may help with determining plans for future drilling programmes.

During the third and final phase of the lithium drilling programme, the company plans to undertake more drilling, along strike exploration of possible lithium targets, and testing prospective parallel lithium zones.

Michael Dehn, President and CEO commented: “The project offers United Lithium at and near surface lithium mineralisation indications for targeting and testing, and with excellent logistics, provides stakeholders with a realistic opportunity for rapid understanding of the potential of the project. We believe that Bergby ticks all the boxes: it is in the right place, at the right time, and the right commodity.  We look forward to completing the acquisition and to commencing the work programme.”


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