Would you season food with cricket powder?

Orchestra Provision produces edible seasoning made from cricket powder. These nutrient dense powders are made from 50% cricket powder.

At a time of environmental instability, it is important that we reassess where we get our food. There are a rage of sustainable diets that have made the headlines from veganism to nutritional biodiversity, but the one that makes some people’s skin crawl is entomophagy, or the insect diet.

In addition to a balanced diet, insects can provide humans with a sustainable and high protein food source.

Orchestra Provision said: “Modern humans are faced with some tricky challenges. The food systems in place will not successfully carry the weight of an increasing population of humans.

“How do we find creative solutions for our biological limitations? The solution lies in the time-old wisdom of a rebranded truth. Paleolithic peoples survived meat famine with a reliable staple: insect-life. We’re not saying you can’t eat meat, just eat less!

“Historically crickets have been an important staple in the “paleo diet” of humans, enabling them to avoid iron deficiencies, B-vitamin deficiencies, while providing ample protein and other vitamins and minerals.”

Orchestra Provisions offer a variety of flavoured insect seasonings, from Cajun wings to chai spice. “Our line of spices is designed to provide a nutritional punch, delivering not only essential nutrients, but divine culinary flavours.

“Spices are the ideal introduction to entomophagy. Make a contribution to the cause with no compromise to your flavor experience because when you give them a chance you find, crickets enliven flavour!”

For 28 grams contains approximately 19 grams of protein, this is equivalent to almost two chicken thighs. Gram for gram, crickets have more protein than both beef and chicken. 28 grams of cricket powder also provides the consumer with 10% of their daily recommended intake of iron, in addition to 3 grams of fibre.

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