ZPN Energy and Fleet-Eye: Pioneering viable EV charging infrastructure

ZPN Energy and Fleet-Eye have partnered to provide EV owners more miles per charge, thus aiding in the deployment of viable EV charging infrastructure.

How will the companies provide viable EV charging infrastructure?

Both companies have agreed that conducting an evidence-based approach will be crucial in delivering a coherent growth strategy for the deployment of commercially viable EV charging infrastructure and e-fleet management solutions in the UK.

Advanced data analytics and EV telemetries will play a crucial role in driving asset consumption and consumer approval for a digitally enabled EV charging and fleet management rollout that is fit for purpose.

Additionally, by utilising innovative charging technology, data analytics, and EV telemetries, ZPN Energy and Fleet-Eye are collaboratively creating novel Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data-driven services to facilitate a low carbon transport transition.

The companies intend to address the following key areas: 

  • Empowering rapid/ultra-rapid charging of EVs in constrained energy supply situations;
  • Utilising the industry’s first real-time telematics data to match EV condition status, charge demand, and infrastructure provision;
  • Provision of EV recovery and charging on-demand services;
  • Provide live tell-tale feedback identifying the non-reported vehicle and charging issues;
  • Provide fleet managers/vehicle owners with information to decide on the most cost-effective time to obtain the highest residual resale value;
  • Provision of zero carbon energy to power EVs, achieve more miles per charge, and therefore meet carbon reduction targets;
  • First viable EV charging infrastructure to utilise open charge point protocol (OCPP) 2.0.1; and
  • Empowering fleet managers to accelerate the transition to EVs.

“We are looking forward to supporting our clients with a more robust data-led approach that will better inform decision-making processes and deliver a competitive advantage to fleet managers and EV owners while supporting a green growth strategy that will benefit businesses and communities alike,” said James Foster, CEO at ZPN Energy.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with ZPN Energy. We believe our joint clients, and fleet owners that aspire to lead in the transition to a low carbon society, will benefit enormously from our collective knowledge; ZPN Energy’s wider expertise in energy storage and EV charging is creating strong market-changing synergies when combined with our vehicle data-led telemetry,” added Mervyn Blank, the CEO of Fleet-Eye.

What is ZPN Energy?

ZPN Energy is a leading British, fast-growing, energy technology (EnTech) company that specialises in designing future-proof, integrated, end-to-end energy technology solutions, including rapid and ultra-rapid EV chargers. It supports growth in the EV market, the development of smart cities, and helps in meeting global zero-carbon targets. ZPN Energy is the first to design and manufacture technology that has been specifically created to be compliant with the latest OCPP.

Since 2015, ZPN Energy has grown and proven its capability. With a unique intellectual property portfolio within its integrated energy management systems. The company’s technology is considered disruptive, due to its use of innovative hardware solutions, IoT, and machine learning to turn standard energy grids into smart grids.

What is Fleet-Eye?

Fleet-Eye provides telematics and technology solutions to the commercial vehicle and asset sector, which helps operators reduce costs with efficiency savings. Fleet-Eye is a telematics solutions provider and allows consumers to track all of their commercial vehicles, plant machinery, defence equipment, rental sectors, assets, and much more. Its asset management software provides unique solutions to the telematics industry to allow consumers to work smarter and reduce their operational costs. Additionally, its technology is unique in how it works smarter to allow self-installation and provide engineering bespoke solutions and automated reports to simplify consumer fleet management.

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