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quantum simulations

Supercomputer and quantum simulations solve materials science problem

Researchers from the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have solved a previously perplexing materials science problem with a supercomputer and quantum simulations.  Comprehending...
Light-matter interactions

Light-matter interactions simulated on supercomputer

Researchers at the University of Tsukuba discover an improved way to model interactions between matter and light at the atomic scale using the worlds...

Attaining accurate weather forecasts and nuclear theory with supercomputers

Professor James P. Vary from the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Iowa State University explains how supercomputers are revolutionising weather forecasts and predictive...
early Universe

Supercomputer gives astronomers new insight into the state of the early...

Astronomers at NAOJ have used a supercomputer to test a method of reconstructing the state of the early Universe.

Supercomputer identifies hepatitis drug for COVID-19 treatment

Using the MOGON II supercomputer, researchers from Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz have identified potential drugs to be used to treat COVID-19. Whilst searching for a...
quantum computers

UK researchers boost battery and solar cell efficiency with quantum computers

Experts have developed a cutting-edge algorithm for quantum computers that looks to enhance the efficiency of batteries and solar cells.
Nuclear fallout

Searching for forensic signatures in nuclear fallout

Professor John Mattingly outlines the physical processes that control nuclear fallout formation and models that predict fallout composition.
fusion energy

Advancing fusion energy technologies in the UK

Professor Kate Royse explains how UK organisations are collaborating to accelerate fusion energy technologies.

AI: Assisting three-dimensional galaxy distribution analysis of our Universe

A research team from the Kavli Institute’s Physics and Mathematics of the Universe has developed a simulation for three-dimensional galaxy distribution analysis of the...
Managing the storage and transportation of commercial spent nuclear fuel

Managing the storage and transportation of commercial spent nuclear fuel

Bora Gencturk, Associate Professor from the University of Southern California, summarises the findings from various studies looking at storage and transportation issues for spent...
star cluster formation

Cause of ionised gas revealed by star cluster formation simulation

A research team from the University of Tokyo developed a star cluster formation simulation that has demonstrated how ionised gas is formed. Astronomers have established...
Quantum simulations enable prediction of stable boron nitride structure

Quantum simulations enable prediction of stable boron nitride structure

Researchers at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) have successfully predicted the most stable boron nitrate structure with the utilisation of...

Simulations of the early Universe revealed by astronomers

The Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics has revealed a simulation of the early Universe, which is described to look like fireflies flickering in the darkness. The...

Scientists develop quantum sensors with greater accuracy

A research team from the University of Innsbruck has developed a new concept that can be utilised to operate quantum sensors with even greater...

Superconductive materials with potential for real-world applications

A research team from Linköping University has made headway in discovering superconductive materials that are useful in real-world situations. How was this superconductive material discovered? Scientists...

In Wigner’s footsteps: High energy physics at the Wigner RCP

Péter Lévai, Director of the Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics and Director General of Wigner Research Centre for Physics, outlines recent research activities...

RSS-Hydro: Active participants in the digital revolution of the space sector

RSS-Hydro is joining a collaborative effort to participate in the digital revolution of the space sector in Luxembourg. We are in an era of interconnectivity...

Scientists develop improved quantum entanglement measurements

A research team from the University of Hong Kong’s Department of Physics (HKU), has developed a novel algorithm to measure quantum entanglement entropy, bringing...
semiconductor market

Commission moves to double Europe’s semiconductor market share

The European Commission has proposed the Chips Act to overcome semiconductor shortages, bolster Europe’s technological leadership, and double semiconductor market share. On 8 February 2022,...
disk galaxies

There are too many disk galaxies than theory allows

Researchers have investigated the Standard Model of Cosmology in relation to the evolution of galaxies to discover flaws in its theory due to the...


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