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The sustainable future of batteries in Europe rests on a developed recycling industry

A robust European battery recycling market is crucial to upkeep competition with foreign markets and meet the need for batteries after 2030.

Inside the largest electric vehicle battery recycling facility in Europe

Let's take a look under the bonnet of Hydrovolt – Europe's largest electric vehicle battery recycling plant and how it will spark the continent's...

New electric car battery recycling method developed to meet rising demand

Discover the new, more sustainable electric car battery recycling technique that has been developed by a team from the University of Toronto.

Total Material Recovery: True 2 Materials develop innovative battery recycling technology

True 2 Materials has developed a novel battery recycling process, is different to contemporary methods of battery recycling.

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Rapidly developing battery minerals by connecting electric vehicle end users upstream

To accelerate access by the electric vehicle (EV) industry to desperately needed battery minerals, QX Resources is directly linking the end users to multiple ‘upstream’...

Deep insights into sodium-ion batteries using calorimetric methods

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) outlines how, through cutting-edge calorimetric methods, they enhance the safety of post-lithium and sodium-ion batteries. In the framework of...

Avalon to supply LGES with battery-grade lithium hydroxide

Avalon have partnered with LG Energy Solution. Starting in 2025, Avalon will supply LGES with battery-grade lithium hydroxide.

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Securing a healthy supply chain by advancing lithium-ion battery recycling

Bryant Polzin, Deputy Director of the ReCell Center, emphasises the importance of furthering battery recycling technology to keep up with demand for lithium-ion batteries. Given...

Building North America’s largest green battery recycling park

ACE Green Recycling (ACE) has announced plans to build and operate North America’s largest emission-free and sustainable green battery recycling park in Texas. The 400,000...

Li-Cycle: Sustainable lithium-ion battery recycling technology

Li-Cycle’s patented and sustainable lithium-ion battery recycling process offers a step towards a clean energy future. Building a clean energy future may depend on a...

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Ensuring a sustainable future with Cirba Solutions battery recycling

Cirba Solutions is pioneering a circular economy for batteries through their world-renowned battery recycling expertise. Cirba Solutions is the combined entity representing...

Battery Recycling

Innovation News Network looks at what is being done to improve the circular economy within the battery sector.

As the demand for batteries used in electric vehicles, and affordable energy storage solutions within the home and workplace also grow,  so does the demand for effective ways to manage redundant battery technology.