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A strategic measure to ensure the sustainability and competitiveness of battery recycling

Learn more about the role of battery recycling - which will become mandatory in 2023 - in Europe's sustainable future.

Glencore and Li-Cycle announce plans for Europe’s largest battery recycling plant

Learn about the joint venture between Glencore and Li-Cycle to develop Europe’s largest battery recycling plant.

Leading the evolution of battery recycling materials

Cirba Solutions explores how its state-of-the-art battery recycling process is helping to pioneer a circular supply chain.

Development of the UK’s largest EV battery recycling plant accelerated

Altilium Metals have announced plans to accelerate the development of the UK’s largest EV battery recycling plant.

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Cirba Solutions partner with Jacobs to establish sustainable battery materials processing facilities

Cirba Solutions is partnering with Jacobs to advance sustainable battery materials processing facilities in North America.

Elestor’s electricity storage technology scores double victory

Dutch electricity storage company Elestor has achieved a double win at the Offshore Wind Innovators Award 2022.

ACE Green Recycling signs long-term offtake agreement to supply recycled battery materials

ACE Green Recycling, have secured a long-term offtake agreement with Glencore PLC to supply recycled battery materials.

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New nanomaterial invention sparks potential for phone battery recycling

Engineers at RMIT University have facilitated the potential for mobile phone battery recycling with a new nanomaterial innovation.

ESG-compliant Re-2Ox technology revolutionises battery metals processing

Canada Silver Cobalt Works introduces its mining technology designed to process battery metals whilst meeting high environmental standards.

Sensmet’s online monitoring technology revolutionises the lithium production sector

Sensmet has pioneered a cutting-edge online monitoring technology that represents a paradigm shift for the lithium production sector.

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Ensuring a sustainable future with Cirba Solutions battery recycling

Cirba Solutions is pioneering a circular economy for batteries through their world-renowned battery recycling expertise. Cirba Solutions is the combined entity representing...


Battery Recycling

Innovation News Network looks at what is being done to improve the circular economy within the battery sector.

As the demand for batteries used in electric vehicles, and affordable energy storage solutions within the home and workplace also grow,  so does the demand for effective ways to manage redundant battery technology.