Digital Infrastructure News

How can we protect critical national infrastructure from cyber attacks?

Discover how industries must protect themselves against the growing threat of cyber attacks on critical national infrastructure.

How do cloud-based solutions simplify engineering operations?

Discover how cloud-based solutions empower engineers to achieve faster, more secure, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly projects.

UK Government announces International Technology Strategy to become a global tech superpower

The UK Government has unveiled a new International Technology Strategy to accelerate ambitions of becoming a global tech superpower.

International Women’s Day: Advancing innovation and technology for gender equality

Today is International Women’s Day (IWD), an event that takes place annually to celebrate the achievements of women.

Digital twin technology: The building blocks of sustainable and resilient infrastructure

Learn how digital twin technology will be essential in designing more sustainable and robust future infrastructure.

Data storage crisis set to be solved by innovative new programme

Scientists at Aston University are starting a research programme to tackle the global shortage of digital data storage.

How Europe’s wildfires are a sign for the grid to implement digital solutions

As the impacts of climate change become increasingly clearer, digital solutions must be implemented to meet short-term emergency needs.

The NSF announces investments to advance cybersecurity efforts

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has declared a $25.4m investment to improve innovative projects in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is critical to...

Help to Grow: Digital scheme could benefit 1.2 million UK businesses

The Help to Grow: Digital software scheme eligibility has been expanded to businesses with at least one employee, meaning 1.2 million businesses could benefit. A...

Addressing cybersecurity challenges in Europe

Willem Jonker, CEO of EIT Digital, discusses the increasing threat of cybersecurity breaches in Europe and what businesses can do to protect their systems...

Transforming the Internet of Things network with wireless transfer of power

Researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have developed a cutting-edge device that could transform the Internet of Things network with the wireless transfer...

ESRC launches five-year data infrastructure strategy

ESRC has launched a new data infrastructure strategy that will inform its investment in data collections and services to facilitate the advancement of renowned...

Digital Infrastructure

Digital infrastructure highlights the cultural and social requirements which are needed in order to develop places where people want to live, work, and thrive.

Over the next few decades our digital networks will need to develop such that they can provide an infrastructure which enables and drives economic growth and productivity.

The lack of suitable digital infrastructures has proven to impact areas such as remote healthcare, education, and wellbeing through loneliness, making it a crucial part of modern day society.