Digital Infrastructure News

New wireless charging device re-energises several appliances at once

The advancement of a novel transmitter may potentially revolutionise wireless charging by re-energising multiple devices simultaneously.

UK Cyber industry receives substantial government backing

UK cyber businesses have been provided a substantial investment of £700k by the UK government to significantly enhance the sector.

The Open University predicts the future’s most in-demand jobs

The most in-demand future jobs have been forecasted by the Open University's future trends predictor, revealing coveted career paths.

Enhancing information storage with the world’s smallest technology

Researchers have manufactured the world's smallest technology – just two atoms thick – creating new methods of storing information.

Combatting the illegal timber trade with blockchain operating platform

The illegal timber trade causes devastation worldwide; now, iov43 have developed a blockchain operating platform to eradicate it.

How digital twins of cities can help to improve urban mobility

Digital twins enable city planners to test future measures in a virtual environment, shaping urban mobility sustainably and managing it efficiently.

Horizon Europe: investing in a healthier, greener and more digital future

The European Commission is investing €14.7 bn from Horizon Europe towards a healthier, greener, and more digital Europe.

Fast-beam-switching transceiver advances 5G communications

Researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology and NEC Corporation have developed a 28-GHz phased-array transceiver that advances the efficiency and reliability of 5G communications.

Improving microelectronics with breakthrough silicon discovery

Russian scientists have developed an innovative method that enhances photoluminescence in silicon, potentially advancing microelectronics.

Managing global water resources with a novel digital platform

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is coordinating a new project for the development of a digital platform for managing global water resources.

The true impact of digital technology on the workplace

The use of digital technology is becoming increasingly pervasive in the workplace, but what are its actual impacts on our employment?

Japanese scientists enhance future 5G communication systems

The realisation of green 5G communication systems has become much closer with the development of a wirelessly powered relay network.

Digital Infrastructure

Digital infrastructure highlights the cultural and social requirements which are needed in order to develop places where people want to live, work, and thrive.

Over the next few decades our digital networks will need to develop such that they can provide an infrastructure which enables and drives economic growth and productivity.

The lack of suitable digital infrastructures has proven to impact areas such as remote healthcare, education, and wellbeing through loneliness, making it a crucial part of modern day society.