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Why graphite is essential to the electrification of North America

Graphite will play a major role in North America’s transition to electric vehicles and the new green economy.

Critical minerals partnership struck between the UK and Saudi Arabia

The UK Government has established a partnership with Saudi Arabia to strengthen the country’s critical minerals supply chains.

Graphite – The essential ingredient of hydrogen fuel cell technologies

Dr Corina Hebestreit of the European Carbon and Graphite Association discusses the role of graphite in hydrogen fuel cell technologies.

Volt Carbon Technologies’ air classification technology revolutionises graphite purification

Graphite mining and solid-state battery experts – Volt Carbon Technologies – outline their state-of-the-art air classification technology that propels graphite ore purification to unparalleled...

Securing Sri Lanka’s place in the global graphite supply chain

Don Baxter, CEO of Ceylon Graphite, examines the importance of Sri Lankan vein graphite and highlights the company's future endeavours.

The essential role of flake graphite in vehicle electrification

Volt Carbon Technologies illustrate the vital role of natural flake graphite in powering the transition to electric vehicles and how their cutting-edge technology advances...

Is Europe shifting towards the domestic production of critical raw materials?

Will Europe’s shift to the domestic production of critical raw materials will be an opportunity for innovation?

Restoring a legacy: Regenerating graphite production in Sri Lanka

Graphite exploration and development company Ceylon Graphite is working to rapidly increase graphite production in Sri Lanka and resecure the country’s place in the...

Superior air classifier separation of graphite from ore

Volt Carbon Technologies will utilise its superior classifier separation technique to purify large-flake graphite. Volt Carbon Technologies (VCT) is an industry-leading carbon sciences, battery engineering,...

Researchers improve understanding of the electronic structure of graphite

Researchers from the Institute for Molecular Science in Okazaki, strive to understand the electronic structure of graphite by analysing its surface state using a...

A wealth of opportunity: Exploring Sri Lanka’s vein graphite mining potential

Don Baxter, CEO of Ceylon Graphite, discusses the opportunity for vein graphite mining in Sri Lanka. In the global effort to achieve the Sustainable Development...

The promise of Alberta’s mineral resources

The Honourable Sonya Savage, Alberta’s Minister of Energy, outlines Alberta's mineral resources potential and the province’s commitment to critical mineral production. Alberta and Canada are...

Ceylon Graphite: Advancing graphite production through shares offer

Ceylon Graphite Corp. (CYL) has upsized its private placement for gross proceeds of up to $3,500,000 to advance graphite production at its K1 and...

125 years of synthetic graphite in batteries

Dr Ryan M Paul, Graffin Lecturer for 2021 for the American Carbon Society, details the development of graphite in batteries during the last 125...

Developing a resilient Canadian battery supply chain

Dr Venkataraman Thangadurai, Founder and Director of the Western Canada Battery Consortium, explains how a Canadian battery supply chain should be secured and discusses...

How should the UK responsibly source critical minerals?

The Critical Minerals Association’s ‘Blueprint for Responsible Sourcing of Critical Minerals’ outlines how the UK needs to secure critical minerals to enable the UK’s...

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Graphite Extraction

Graphite is a key component of lithium-ion batteries and is the primary material used for one of two electrodes known as the anode.

Graphite is the most commonly used material for battery anodes due to its low cost, abundance, and comparatively long life cycle.

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