Battery Production News

How the UK automotive sector is driving EV battery innovation

Christopher Jones of the Advanced Propulsion Centre outlines their recent report on the UK’s capabilities to produce EV batteries.

Battery metals, mines, and opportunities for Canada

Rich with deposits of all the necessary battery metals, Canada is well positioned to be a leading supplier of the EV revolution.

A new paradigm for Canadian battery metals supply

As battery metals need to be sourced for the clean energy transition, what actions should Canada take to develop a secure supply chain?

Hybrid fuel cell power: High electric efficiency from low-carbon fuels at low cost

This technology development effort aims to drive both radically lower capital costs (70%-LHV) at distributed generation scales of 125 kW.

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Calorimeters to advance thermal management and battery safety

The development of safe lithium-ion cells is of utmost importance for a breakthrough in the electrification of transport and...

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International Battery Metals: leading the lithium brine extraction revolution

International Battery Metals is an advanced technology company whose cutting-edge technological advancements will enable it to lead world efforts...

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Fuelling future energy storage technologies with crystalline vein graphite

Pioneers of the mining industry, RS Mines, possess one of the most lucrative materials pivotal to achieving our future...

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Reinventing lead carbon batteries for the 21st century automotive industry

The Ultimate Battery Company is reinventing lead carbon batteries, creating the next generation of green batteries for electric vehicles. The...

Special Reports

Rapidly developing battery minerals by connecting electric vehicle end users upstream

To accelerate access by the electric vehicle (EV) industry to desperately needed battery minerals, QX Resources is directly linking the end users to multiple ‘upstream’...

Deep insights into sodium-ion batteries using calorimetric methods

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) outlines how, through cutting-edge calorimetric methods, they enhance the safety of post-lithium and sodium-ion batteries. In the framework of...

Platinum group element exploration begins at Mt Thirsty project

Drilling has begun at the Mt Thirsty Joint Venture project in Australia, exploring the next big platinum group element (PGE) and battery metal deposit. The...

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Improving lithium-ion battery safety for electric vehicles

In this latest eBook from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Dr Carlos Ziebert, Head of the Calorimeter Center, discusses the importance of improving...

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International Battery Metals: Exploring the evolution of lithium production

In this fascinating eBook, International Battery Metals (IBAT) take us on an insightful voyage through the extensive, rich history of lithium production, illuminating why...

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Lithium Extraction

Cornish Lithium: establishing a sustainable extraction industry in the UK

This eBook provides an insight into how Cornish Lithium is enabling new eco-technologies by establishing a strong and sustainable extraction industry in the UK. Cornish...

Partner News

Avalon to supply LGES with battery-grade lithium hydroxide

Avalon have partnered with LG Energy Solution. Starting in 2025, Avalon will supply LGES with battery-grade lithium hydroxide.

From Independence Day to energy independence in the US

Brent Wilson, the CEO of Galvanic Energy, discusses the necessity of achieving energy independence and the future of lithium battery production in the US. This...

Aeramentum Resources Limited launch its initial public offering

Australian Mineral Exploration company Aeramentum Resources Limited, launched its initial public offering on the Australian Securities Exchange on 17 May, 2022. Aeramentum owns the Treasure...

Battery News Cont'd

Building a world-class UK battery industry

Tony Harper, Director of the Faraday Battery Challenge, explains why the UK must build a battery supply chain to support the move to net zero.

Lithium-ion battery technology improved with nanosheets

Researchers have improved the lithium-ion battery's performance by using titanium diboride nanosheets as an anode material.

Rapidly developing battery minerals by connecting electric vehicle end users upstream

To accelerate access by the electric vehicle (EV) industry to desperately needed battery minerals, QX Resources is directly linking the end users to multiple ‘upstream’...

UK Government funds £211m to advance battery technology

The UK Government will invest £211m via the Faraday Battery Challenge to innovate and make the country a global leader in battery technology.

Making batteries lighter and saving CO2 emissions

Discover Ultimate Battery Company's breakthrough battery technology which is set to revolutionise energy storage.

World’s first large-scale production of Prussian blue materials begins in Switzerland

To reduce the strain on the critical materials industry, Arxada will supply Natron with Prussian blue for sodium-ion batteries.

Nanomaterials boost performance of environmentally friendly batteries

Researchers have improved the performance of environmentally friendly batteries using catalysts with unconventional phase nanostructures.

EIT RawMaterials are leading Europe’s progress on green transition

The European Commission has highlighted EIT RawMaterial’s achievements in leading the digital and green transition.

Breakthrough in design for electric car batteries enables faster-charging

Researchers from Penn State have developed a new technique that charges electric car batteries in only ten minutes.

Sodium batteries improved with new electrode material

A research group from Osaka Metropolitan University has developed a cheaper positive electrode to enhance all-solid-state sodium batteries.

New electrolyte designed to improve lithium metal battery performance

Researchers have designed a new electrolyte to reduce the safety issues of high energy density, lithium metal batteries.

Improving zinc-air battery performance with transition-metal composites

A team of researchers has designed a strategy to improve zinc-air battery performance with a transition-metal composite.

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Battery Development

As the use of battery powered technology becomes more widespread, the demand for  battery production and innovative battery technology to increase usage longevity becomes an ever more pressing issue.

The development of more efficient battery technology and the rate at which the battery production sector can evolve will undoubtedly have an impact on the speed at which we can achieve a more sustainable green energy sector.