Gregg Smith (Honours BSc)
President & CEO
Grounded Lithium Corp

Expertise: Sustainable Lithium Production

“INN works within a crowded industry, and I receive between 6 and 12 emails daily from companies wanting to promote our story. INN rose above the madding crowd and captured some of our work and I encouraged the province of Saskatchewan to further advance the story with you as well. I congratulate INN at attracting the attention from us, the provinces in Canada, and the numerous other Lithium players.”

Brent Wilson
President and CEO
Galvanic Energy

Expertise: Sustainable Critical Minerals

“INN is a leader in delivering information and updates on developments in the lithium industry. The team at INN provides useful and timely news that helps us make informed decisions as we focus on building America’s domestic lithium supply chain.”

Galvanic Energy: Industry leading geoscience exploration company

Geoscience exploration company, Galvanic Energy, employs innovative strategies to mineral acquisition advancing the US renewable energy sector. Galvanic Energy is a privately held exploration company...

Samantha J. Phillips
Chief Commercial Officer

Expertise: Delivery of Zero-Carbon Products

“Natalie was extremely helpful as we published our second publication with Innovation News Network. I look forward to collaborating again on future projects.”

Siddhant Bangur
Business Development and Marketing Manager
General Graphene

eBook: Achieving Scalable Mass Production of Graphene

“It was a sincere pleasure working with the team at Innovation News Network – Natalie in particular was very cooperative, responsive, and thorough. The E-Book we produced in partnership with the Innovation News Network team has been a great resource for us, and we really appreciate the attention to detail devoted to its design.”

Shawn Perger
Investor Relations Manager
Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp.

Expertise: Argentina’s Lithium Potential

“It a pleasure working with the team at Innovation News Network. They are professionals and their response time is excellent.”

Dr. William (Bill) Pfaffenberger
Saint Jean Carbon Inc.

Expertise: Solid-state Battery Technology

“As the CEO of a small technology company, I was very impressed with the professionalism of Innovation News Network. In particular, Natalie was a great help in getting our presentation completed.”

CERN - The European Organization for Nuclear Research

Tiziano Camporesi
CMS Former Spokesman

Expertise: CMS Experiment

“Innovation News Network plays a very useful role in providing a busy audience with snapshots of what goes on in the research and technology world. It is a very valuable source of information for the professionals in research and the deciders who need to know the latest developments in science and technology. The editorial staff is very competent and the conversation with International Editor Clifford Holt was very professional. The end product is a beautifully presented article.”

Dr Thomas Shahady
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
University of Lynchburg

Expertise: Sustainable Water Supply

“Innovation News Network is a very valuable asset for communicating my research and ideas. The visibility of the platform, ease of production and helpfulness of Natalie and her team makes it a great choice for publication. I look forward to writing and reading many future contributions!”

Lawrence C. Scharmann, Ph.D.
Professor of Education
University of Nebraska

Expertise: Evolution Education

“Innovation News Network has proved to be a great outlet for research dissemination. The production staff is timely, responsive, and highly professional. The essays produced are aesthetically and artistically attractive and communicative.”

Dr Anna Schenk
Colloidal Systems
University of Bayreuth

Expertise: water Splitting Catalysts

“It was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with the Innovation News Network team on an overview article presenting current research activities of my group to the wider public. The interaction with the head of production Natalie Jones was extremely enjoyable, efficient and professional resulting in a very well-edited and beautifully presented article on the potential of bio-inspired materials with applications in clean energy conversion systems. The friendly, flexible and competent team also did a great job in disseminating the final article both in the publication and via a wide range of social media channels, thus generating a broad audience among professionals in the field of science and technology to promote our research.”

Professor Dr Jörns Fickel
Head of Evolutionary Genetics Department
Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW)

Expertise: Adaptability of Wildlife to Environmental Change

“When first contacted, I did not really know what to expect. But the collaboration with the editorial and the production team and foremost with Natalie Jones has helped to generate an article on the potential of species to cope with environmental changes that covers both the difficulties and the complexity of today’s biodiversity research but still allows an interested audience to follow through some of our projects. Thanks to the great work of the Innovation News Network team the final article is very well organised and presented. It was a pleasure working with them.”

Christoph Zipf
Press and Communications Manager

Expertise: Wind Energy

“It was a pleasure to talk to International Editor Clifford Holt about the European energy transition to renewable energies and the role of wind energy in Europe’s future energy system. The team at Innovation News Network delivered the final article in a highly professional manner. Shared widely across the Innovation News Network social media channels, the piece reached additional audiences.”

All.Can - Changing Cancer Care Together

Eduardo Pisani
Chief Executive Officer
All.Can International

Expertise: Cancer Care Efficiency

“Innovation News Network consistently delivers high-quality work. Their strategic ability to see the ‘big picture’ and my on-going constructive collaboration with Clifford Holt have demonstrated the professionalism, competence, and responsiveness of the team and certainly has me motivated to continue working together.”

Dr Kate Clough
Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Theoretical Cosmology and Gravitational Physics
University of Oxford

Expertise: Space, Physics, Gravitational Waves

“It was a pleasure to work with International editor Clifford Holt to create an article on my research in gravitational physics. His questions were well thought out and the final article was beautifully presented.”

Roderick Smith
British Lithium Ltd

Expertise: Lithium Carbonate

“I am truly impressed with the depth of coverage of research and innovation in the Innovation Platform. The nascent lithium battery industry is regularly featured in the poplar press, magazines and journals but nowhere has the broad scope and depth of enquiry as featured in the recent issue of Innovation Platform.

No less than 28 articles on electric vehicle and battery solutions cover the regulatory framework, lithium supply and demand, recycling initiatives, research into new sources, advanced manufacturing, new battery technologies and urban transport. Phew, nobody penetrates a subject as well.”

Prof. Jose Busto
CPPM – Centre de Physique des Particules de Marseille

Expertise: Neutrino Mass

“It was a real pleasure to publish an article in The Innovation Platform, as it is an excellent way to promote and disseminate the most up-to-date science. I am extremely pleased with the professionalism and kindness of your entire team.”

Network for Exploration and Space Science

Dr Jack Burns
Director and Principal Investigator
Network for Exploration and Space Science
University of Colorado Boulder

Expertise: Astrophysics, Cosmology

“International Editor Clifford Holt and the team at Innovation News Network did an outstanding job in constructing an article, based upon an extensive interview, entitled ‘Missions to the far side of the Moon’. The article was well organised and presented a thoughtful description of our plans for NASA-funded radio telescopes on the Moon to observe the early Universe. It was a pleasure to work with this team.”

EGO (European Gravitational Observatory)

Stavros Katsanevas
European Gravitational Observatory (EGO)

Expertise: Gravitational Waves, Multimessenger Astronomy

“Having worked with International Editor Clifford Holt on an article around the role of EGO and VIRGO, I am truly impressed by his intelligent, perceptive, and deep understanding of the complex themes – regarding all aspects of physics, but also other areas, too – that we have discussed during our conversations, as well as with the way he has been able to turn these into an informative and accessible article.”

Dr. Xavier Vilasis-Cardona
Director d’estudis de Doctorat
La Salle – Universitat Ramon Llull

Expertise: High Energy Physics Experiments

“Working with Natalie Jones’ team and the Innovation News Network has been a pleasure. On one hand, it provides a unique platform to disseminate innovative processes and ideas. On the other hand, all the interaction with the publishing team is timely, professional and friendly. I strongly recommend the experience.”

Patrizia Mottola
Head of Logistics
River Cleaning

Expertise: River Cleaning Systems

“The collaboration with you has been excellent. You are fast, efficient, helpful, very professional, so we can only recommend the collaboration with Innovation News Network in a positive way to others. Thanks from our team to all of you!”

Pekka Rautio
Communications Specialist
Academy of Finland

Expertise: Bio-science in Finland

“It is great that we got a chance to open up the Academy of Finland’s research funding activities in the field of Biosciences, Health and Environment to the international audience through Innovation News Network. The collaboration during the editorial process was flexible and we are very pleased with the outcome.”

Professor José C Matos
President, EuroStruct

Expertise: European Infrastructure, Bridge Engineering

“Our collaboration with Innovation News Network has been excellent, with International Editor Clifford Holt being fantastic – from the initial interview, to writing the paper, and to the post-publication process. The collaboration has been both fast and interactive, and the impact of the publication has also been very high, allowing EuroStruct to inform society about their concerns around the efficient management of bridges and structures in the near future.”

Promoting research and development in flood science

Guy Schumann

Expertise: Research & Development in Flood Science

“Publishing with Innovation News Network allows us to reach a wider variety of audience, from different sectors, often not so familiar with academic literature. Our scientific work and expertise get a different perspective and can have immediate, valuable impact where it matters, such as the humanitarian aid sector for instance.”

Clark Atlanta University

Dr Alfred Msezane
Director, Center for Theoretical Studies of Physical Systems, Clark Atlanta University, USA

Expertise: Theoretical Studies of Physical Systems

“Our interactions with the popular journal Innovation News Network, through its Department Head, Natalie Jones, has been wonderful and joyful as well. Her competent and helpful staff are very imaginative, creative and resourceful in the creation and dissemination of scientific articles and booklets for a non-specialist audience.”

Dr Luis Barbero
President and Chief Executive Officer, Guild of Air Traffic Control Officers (GATCO)

Expertise: Air Traffic Control Management

“Our experience working with Innovation News Network has been great, from the initial contact through to the publication of the interview. Clifford has been extremely professional, keeping us involved and up to date during the entire process. This collaboration has enabled GATCO to bring the topic of air traffic management to the fore and raise awareness within the wider professional community, for which we are very grateful.”

AIDA-2020 Project

Daniela Antonio
Communication Officer, EC Co-funded Project AIDA-2020

Expertise: Particle Detectors

“Working with Innovation Networks was an excellent way to highlight the AIDA-2020 project results and produce material that we will be able to use to inform different audiences in the future. We are thankful for the entire editorial team’s professionalism, flexibility, and support, in particular our dedicated Production Coordinator Natalie Jones. The final piece came out great.”