Detecting changes in marine ecosystems

University of Adelaide researchers have discovered that changes in marine ecosystems are going undetected due to inefficient existing tools.

How does air pollution affect where you live?

New research suggests that the impacts of air pollution differ drastically depending on the location where the pollutants are emitted.

Scientists discover alarming links between rising global temperatures and drought

Researchers have found that frequent droughts caused by rising global temperatures pose significant risks to people and ecosystems.

University of Portsmouth project looks to eradicate plastic pollution

A University of Portsmouth programme is supporting five PhD students in pioneering innovative solutions to tackle marine plastic pollution.

High volume of water discovered inside Earth’s mantle

Geologists have discovered that the transition zone between Earth’s upper and lower mantle contains considerable amounts of water.

New biodegradable packaging could address plastic pollution problem

Scientists at the University of California have developed biodegradable packaging that is able to decompose both on land and in water.

Aviation industry needs to adopt better solutions to climate change

Researchers have argued that the aviation industry’s current solutions to climate change are not doing enough.

Exploring the long-term effects of drought

Researchers from the University of Innsbruck are predicting future climate conditions to examine the effects of drought.

New online tool assists users in finding sustainable travel options

Researchers at multiple institutions have developed a website to help users find sustainable travel destinations.

Marine planning must consider climate change

Researchers from the University of Gothenburg have outlined the importance of considering climate change in marine planning.

Measuring basal thaw of glaciers is crucial for understanding rising sea levels

Research by Stanford University has identified that measuring the base thawing of glaciers is important in understanding rising sea levels

Climate change could have devastating effects on forests’ carbon uptake

Studies by Oregon State University have found that climate change will damage trees' ability to cool leaves and pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

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