Scientists solve energy efficiency mystery of lithium-ion batteries

A team of international researchers have solved a long-standing mystery of poor energy efficiency in lithium-ion batteries.

Facilitating the drive towards renewable sources for electricity in the UK

The government is announcing details of how the UK will attain more of its electricity from renewable sources as it announces a new round of its flagship renewable energy scheme.

Italvolt signs purchasing agreement to develop giant gigafactory in Italy

Italvolt has signed a purchasing agreement for one million square metres of land in Scarmagno to advance the development of its gigafactory.

Optimising light-powered battery and fuel cell design with ultraviolet light

Researchers from the University of Tsukuba are enhancing light-powered battery and fuel cell design by utilising ultraviolet light pulses to access ion conductor properties.

Metrology and standards for the UK energy storage industry

Dr Juyeon Park of the National Physical Laboratory discusses the development and commercialisation of high energy density batteries.

Achieving a net zero future for Greater Manchester and beyond

Amer Gaffar, Director of the Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre, discusses the challenges involved in creating a low-carbon economy.

The ReLiB project: optimising material management of lithium-ion batteries

Professor Paul Anderson and Dr Gavin Harper discuss how the ReLiB project will achieve sustainable management and recycling of lithium-ion batteries.

Addressing the threat of lithium battery fires in electrical waste

The Batteries Roundtable outline the key advice in their recent report aiming to reduce lithium battery fires and improve the environmental impact of electrical waste and its processing.

Australia’s $7.4bn diversified battery industry opportunity

Stedman Ellis, Chief Executive Officer of the FBICRC, details how the diversified battery industry offers a $7.4bn opportunity for Australia.

Novel electric vehicle tariff will cut EV charging costs by 70%

Following a successful trial earlier this year, OVO Energy is launching a unique economical electric vehicle tariff for EV drivers.

Rivalling lithium-ion performance with major refinement to zinc-ion batteries

A team of scientists has made a significant breakthrough in producing high-performance zinc-ion batteries that may rival lithium-ion cells.

Overcoming the burdens in electricity generation water turbines

Dr Tobias Breitbach discusses small water turbines, their role in decarbonisation, and their barriers to reaching commercialisation.

Janus graphene to facilitate sustainable sodium-ion batteries

Researchers at the Chalmers University of Technology have developed a concept for high-performance, sustainable sodium-ion batteries using Janus graphene.

UK university granted £3m to innovate perovskite solar cell technology

The University of Surrey, UK, has been awarded close to £3m to research, refine, and develop pioneering perovskite solar cell technologies. The University researchers have been bestowed with £2.3m from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and a...

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