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cyber security platform

EU financing to advance next-generation cyber security platform

EclecticIQ has obtained €15m worth of EU financing from the European Investment Bank to facilitate the development of a next-generation cyber security platform.
renewable sources electricity

Facilitating the drive towards renewable sources for electricity in the UK

The government is announcing details of how the UK will attain more of its electricity from renewable sources as it announces a new round of its flagship renewable energy scheme.

Italvolt signs purchasing agreement to develop giant gigafactory in Italy

Italvolt has signed a purchasing agreement for one million square metres of land in Scarmagno to advance the development of its gigafactory.

Only cyber-security investment can tackle the growing threat of cybercrime

Ian Thornton-Trump, the Chief Information Security Officer at Cyjax Ltd, discusses the necessity of widespread cyber-security investment. From 2015 onwards, the scourge of ransomware attacks on small,...


The Innovation Platform issue 7

Research & Discovery News

Using laser-induced graphene to enhance flexible electronics

Researchers at Penn State have experimented with laser-induced graphene designs to develop advanced flexible electronics for wearable health devices.

UK science funding boost worth £113m will support future science leaders

Almost 100 of the UK’s next-generation of science leaders will be granted a total £113m science funding boost to facilitate the commercialisation of their innovations and tackle global challenges from the climate crisis to chronic illness.

Groundbreaking discovery of novel metal where electrons flow with fluid-like dynamics

A group of scientists from Boston College have developed a novel metallic specimen whereby the motion of electrons flows in the same way water flows in a pipe, thereby changing from particle-like to fluid-like dynamics.

Groundbreaking brain-inspired memory device for semiconductor design

Researchers at the National University of Singapore have developed a novel brain-inspired device that could facilitate the transformation of semiconductor design.

Sustainable Planet News

NextGenerationEU green bonds for a more sustainable future

The European Commission has taken considerable steps towards the issuing of €250bn of NextGenerationEU green bonds to support green projects.

Achieving sustainable rooftops by utilising novel AI-powered tool

Researchers at the National University of Singapore have established an Artificial Intelligence-powered tool to map sustainable rooftops globally.

Shocking study reveals extreme regional summer droughts in Europe could double

New research indicates that climate change could result in a staggering doubling of the frequency of extreme regional summer droughts in Europe.

Hyundai Motor Group and NTU enter collaboration to advance electric vehicles

The Hyundai Motor Group and NTU have announced they will be collaborating on projects to refine the manufacturing of electric vehicles.

Energy News

Optimising light-powered battery and fuel cell design with ultraviolet light

Researchers from the University of Tsukuba are enhancing light-powered battery and fuel cell design by utilising ultraviolet light pulses to access ion conductor properties.

Metrology and standards for the UK energy storage industry

Dr Juyeon Park of the National Physical Laboratory discusses the development and commercialisation of high energy density batteries.

Achieving a net zero future for Greater Manchester and beyond

Amer Gaffar, Director of the Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre, discusses the challenges involved in creating a low-carbon economy.

The ReLiB project: optimising material management of lithium-ion batteries

Professor Paul Anderson and Dr Gavin Harper discuss how the ReLiB project will achieve sustainable management and recycling of lithium-ion batteries.

Technology News

UK and US cyber security leaders discuss collective threats and opportunities

Cyber security leaders from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) meet in London.

US Department of Energy invests $54m into microelectronics research

A substantial $54m in funding has been awarded by the US Department of Energy (DOE) to advance the next generation of microelectronics.

New method achieves unprecedented accuracy in quantum computers

Researchers have devised an innovative method for optimising the accuracy of quantum computers, a significant limitation of the technology.

$400,000 awarded to establish computer hardware cybersecurity course

A novel cybersecurity education programme has been awarded $400,000 by the NSF to train students to create more secure computer hardware.

Space News

Finding Earthlike planets in other solar systems by searching for moons

Researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign have developed a method for detecting Earthlike planets in other solar systems.

Significant steps towards tackling the dangers of space junk have been achieved

Researchers at the University of Warwick are tackling the challenges posed by space junk with a groundbreaking new research centre in the UK.

The origins of elusive ultradiffuse galaxies have been revealed 

Astronomers at University of California, Riverside, have utilised simulations to uncover how elusive ultradiffuse galaxies are born.  

Satellite advancements for the fine-scale observation of the Earth’s surface

Environmental scientists at the University of Hong Kong solve significant observational issues of satellites to advance the fine-scale observation of the Earth’s surface.

Special Reports

Cell-based regenerative therapies for maxillofacial bone defects

A collaboration of engineers, biomedical scientists, and clinicians in the Netherlands has recently reached a breakthrough in cell-based bone regenerative therapies. Although bone has a...

Lithium Power International: Pioneering the lithium supply chain

Industry-leading energy company Lithium Power International (LPI) is advancing their Maricunga brine project in Chile, a significant enhancement to the lithium supply chain. Adversity often...

Studying neutron star matter in the laboratory

Goethe University’s Professor Joachim Stroth explores neutron star matter and what happens when two of the densest macroscopic objects we know of merge. What happens...

RSS Hydro: developing effective disaster risk management strategies

RSS Hydro Geoscientist & UAV Pilot, Margherita Bruscolini, discusses the necessity of understanding the components of disaster risk and how this will facilitate the...

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