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The Innovation Platform Issue 13

ITER: A new era for energy

Fusion for Energy offers an inside look at ITER, the world’s largest tokamak, and what it means for the future of fusion energy.

Pulsar Helium: Committed to advancing helium projects and furthering the helium supply chain

Pulsar Helium is developing its North American helium projects to bring stability and supply diversity to the industry.

Computational modelling in support of progress towards nuclear fusion energy breakeven

The field of plasma physics, which is essential for the success of nuclear fusion, has benefited from advancements in high-performance computing.

Energy efficient homes made possible with retrofitting

With the UK having the least energy efficient homes in Europe, more must be done to ensure that the government's net zero targets can be met.

Premium Partners

Lake Resources: high purity lithium for the electric vehicle revolution

As the need for electric vehicles becomes clearer, Lake Resources is answering the urgent call for high purity lithium. Lake Resources is a clean lithium developer employing clean, direct extraction technology for the development of environmentally friendly, high purity lithium from its...

Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp: Confirmed lithium discovery at Rincon salar

The Lithium Triangle in Argentina continues to deliver increasing lithium production when the world needs it the most. We highlight here the new production coming on stream at the Rincon salar, and profile the new lithium discovery made there by Argentina...

Sustainably produced critical minerals for clean technology through innovative extraction technologies

Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. (AVL:TSX) is a leader in developing new North American sources of critical minerals for clean technology, including lithium and rare earths. Avalon is among a small group of emerging companies identifying their own strategic resources and process solutions...

Featured Partners

Advanced Energy Minerals: high purity alumina production

Advanced Energy Minerals (AEM) is focused on manufacturing high purity alumina for use in fast-growing global markets including the light emitting diode (LED), semiconductor...

Sustainable and high-quality lithium mining from Chile’s lithium triangle

Lithium Power International (LPI) is a pure-play lithium company which is commencing the development of the sustainable and high-grade Maricunga project at a time...

Fuelling the green future with the Makuutu Rare Earths Project

Ionic Rare Earths Limited, also known as IonicRE (ASX:IXR), is a publicly listed Australian company with plans to be a major player in the...

AmmPower: Developing a green ammonia production system

AmmPower is developing an innovative green ammonia production system to fuel the transition towards a sustainable planet. AmmPower is a clean energy company focused on...

Volt Carbon Technologies: Leading the future for solid-state batteries

Volt Carbon Technologies is harnessing its expertise to become the industry production leader of solid-state batteries and graphite mining technology. Volt Carbon Technologies is a...

International Battery Metals: leading the lithium brine extraction revolution

International Battery Metals is an advanced technology company whose cutting-edge technological advancements will enable it to lead world efforts in lithium brine extraction. International Battery...

Enhancing and strengthening the excellence in interdisciplinary biomedical research at TRANSCEND (ESEI-BioMed)

The ESEI-BioMed project advances tumour diagnostics and nanomedicine in the frame of the new translational research centre, TRANSCEND. TRANSCEND is a translational research centre in...

IceCube: Paving the way for next-generation neutrino discovery

The IceCube Observatory could unlock the mysteries of the Universe through its advanced neutrino discoveries. Neutrinos are tiny, nearly massless particles that rarely interact with...

The Standard Model: How can we identify its strengths and weaknesses?

Theoretical particle physicists are providing exact predictions to compare LHC measurements to reveal the strengths and shortcomings of the Standard Model. Discoveries behind the decimal...

New technology can efficiently remove pollutants from contaminated water

Researchers have developed a new method to efficiently remove up to 80% of dye pollutants from contaminated water.

Neutrino discovery made by a particle collider in scientific first

Scientists have made a neutrino discovery using a first-of-its-kind particle collider to deepen their particle understanding.

Quantum materials will power the electronics of the future

New quantum materials can control the dynamics of electrons by curving the fabric of space in which they evolve.

Integrated mineral carbonation: Decarbonising Western Australia

A research team from Curtin University is pioneering decarbonisation in Western Australia through integrated mineral carbonation. Bill Johnston, MLA, Mines and Petroleum Minister, announced on...

Advancing waste heat recovery in Portugal for a greener future

The European project, EMB3Rs, is discovering new ways to achieve industrial waste heat recovery in Portugal to raise energy efficiency, cut carbon emissions and...

New approach revealed to reduce EV battery testing time by 75%

Researchers at the University of Michigan (U-M) have emphasised that testing the longevity of new electric vehicle battery designs could be four times faster...

Can European energy storage keep pace with energy targets?

The European energy storage market has experienced a major shift in recent years as various societal events have put it into the spotlight.

New materials developed for green hydrogen production 

Researchers from the University of Twente have developed a new material that could be used for green hydrogen production.

EIT RawMaterials launches initiative to tackle steel decarbonisation

Steel's manufacturing process is estimated to produce around 8% of total global carbon emissions. Therefore, steel decarbonisation is vital.

UK Government announces International Technology Strategy to become a global tech superpower

The UK Government has unveiled a new International Technology Strategy to accelerate ambitions of becoming a global tech superpower.

New qubits design boosts quantum computer applications

Researchers have used qubits to design magnetic objects for the development of new quantum computer applications.

UK Government announces £3.5bn funding to become global science and technology superpower

The UK Government has revealed it will provide up to £3.5bn in funding to advance the nation's science and technology capabilities.

VW unveils the most affordable electric car to date

Volkswagen has advocated a new, affordable electric car that costs less than €25,000, making it a total success story for electric mobility.

Development of the UK’s largest EV battery recycling plant accelerated

Altilium Metals have announced plans to accelerate the development of the UK’s largest EV battery recycling plant.

Paving the way for quiet, efficient electric aviation

Researchers have developed a propellor design optimisation method that paves the way for quiet and efficient electric aviation.

JUICE mission: Exploring Jupiter and its icy moons

The JUICE mission will make detailed observations of the giant gas planet and its three large ocean-bearing moons.

Artificial Intelligence finds that first stars were formed in groups

Artificial Intelligence has found that the very first stars in the Universe were born in clusters rather than as isolated stars.

Venus analogues used to gain insights into Earth’s future

Researchers have compiled a list of Venus analogues to gain valuable insights into Earth’s risk of developing a runaway greenhouse climate.

Partner Spotlight

Galvanic Energy: Industry leading geoscience exploration company

Geoscience exploration company, Galvanic Energy, employs innovative strategies to mineral acquisition advancing the US renewable energy sector. Galvanic Energy is a privately held exploration company...

Partner Spotlight

Developing high-quality battery minerals to connect with the electric vehicle industry

QX Resources has multiple projects across Australia to provide the electric vehicle (EV) industry with high-quality battery minerals. QX Resources (ASX:QXR) is focused on the...

Partner News

First Hydrogen reveals Generation II zero emissions vehicle design

First Hydrogen Corp. has unveiled the design of its Generation II zero emission vehicle concept that looks to decarbonise fleet transport.

Cirba Solutions partner with Jacobs to establish sustainable battery materials processing facilities

Cirba Solutions is partnering with Jacobs to advance sustainable battery materials processing facilities in North America.

The ‘Lego Set’ approach to preparing applications and financial presentations

American Diversified Enterprises outlines the ‘Lego-Set’ approach to preparing applications and financial presentations.

Featured Partners

EIRES: Developing innovative solutions to deliver the clean energy transition

EIRES enables a carbon neutral energy system by developing solutions that affordably deliver the clean energy transition to people’s homes. The transition to clean energy...



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