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The Innovation Platform Issue 11

Lake Resources: Supplying high-quality lithium for the EV market

As the world endeavours to deliver on its green energy ambitions, Lake Resources explains how it is set to meet the demand for high-quality...

Hydrogen power can redesign the automotive industry

Discover how fully harnessing the potential of hydrogen power can drive the future of the automotive industry.

KMX: Achieving sustainable lithium concentration

KMX Technologies is leading the market with its sustainable and economical lithium concentration technology. KMX Technologies is using its powerful, cross-cutting technology to enhance lithium...

Circular energy storage: What does it mean and why is it important?

KTH's Justin Chiu and Felipe Gallardo emphasise the importance of establishing a circular economy for energy storage.

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Lake Resources: high purity lithium for the electric vehicle revolution

As the need for electric vehicles becomes clearer, Lake Resources is answering the urgent call for high purity lithium. Lake Resources is a clean lithium developer employing clean, direct extraction technology for the development of environmentally friendly, high purity lithium from its...

Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp: Advancing high-quality lithium projects in Argentina

Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp is focused on acquiring and advancing new high-quality lithium projects and resources in Argentina that can serve global demand for this critical mineral. Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp believes that the combination of high geologic potential and...

Sustainably produced critical minerals for clean technology through innovative extraction technologies

Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. (AVL:TSX) is a leader in developing new North American sources of critical minerals for clean technology, including lithium and rare earths. Avalon is among a small group of emerging companies identifying their own strategic resources and process solutions...

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Advanced Energy Minerals: high purity alumina production

Advanced Energy Minerals (AEM) is focused on manufacturing high purity alumina for use in fast-growing global markets including the light emitting diode (LED), semiconductor...

Sustainable and ethical lithium production in Chile’s Lithium Triangle

Lithium Power International is a pure-play lithium development company focused on ensuring sustainable and ethical lithium production. Lithium Power International (LPI) has a diversified asset...

Fuelling the green future with the Makuutu Rare Earths Project

Ionic Rare Earths Limited, also known as IonicRE (ASX:IXR), is a publicly listed Australian company with plans to be a major player in the...

AmmPower: Developing a green ammonia production system

AmmPower is developing an innovative green ammonia production system to fuel the transition towards a sustainable planet. AmmPower is a clean energy company focused on...

Volt Carbon Technologies: Leading the future for solid-state batteries

Volt Carbon Technologies is harnessing its expertise to become the industry production leader of solid-state batteries and graphite mining technology. Volt Carbon Technologies is a...

International Battery Metals: leading the lithium brine extraction revolution

International Battery Metals is an advanced technology company whose cutting-edge technological advancements will enable it to lead world efforts in lithium brine extraction. International Battery...

Current and advanced nuclear reactors: How safe is safe enough?

Researchers at North Carolina State University are embracing risk technologies to enable and ensure safe, secure, and cost-competitive operations for the current and advanced...

American Lithium Minerals advances mineral exploration projects across North America

As nickel and manganese are essential to national security, AMLM are advancing their mineral exploration projects to find these commodities.

My inner dinosaur – what can palaeontology teach us about human anatomy?

Professor Dr P Martin Sander of the University Bonn's Paleontology Department takes us on the fascinating journey that forged human evolution and explains how...

Environmental DNA successfully assesses changes in marine biodiversity

Environmental DNA has been found to successfully assess changes in marine biodiversity when key implementation steps are followed.

Exploring the production of N*s with pion and electron beams

Professor Philip L Cole explores using high-intensity pion and electron beams for revealing the inner structure of excited protons (N*s).

VTT is advancing sustainable materials with physics-based modelling and AI

VTT has advanced its Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) toolbox, known as ProperTune, to fabricate sustainable materials.

Integrated mineral carbonation: Decarbonising Western Australia

A research team from Curtin University is pioneering decarbonisation in Western Australia through integrated mineral carbonation. Bill Johnston, MLA, Mines and Petroleum Minister, announced on...

Advancing waste heat recovery in Portugal for a greener future

The European project, EMB3Rs, is discovering new ways to achieve industrial waste heat recovery in Portugal to raise energy efficiency, cut carbon emissions and...

New approach revealed to reduce EV battery testing time by 75%

Researchers at the University of Michigan (U-M) have emphasised that testing the longevity of new electric vehicle battery designs could be four times faster...

Approval granted for Europe’s largest lithium refinery

The lithium refinery will supply critical metals to the ever-growing EV industry, producing both lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate.

Working towards environmentally friendly lithium extraction methods

Lithium is crucial in the switch to renewable energy, but the extraction process of this critical mineral has been costly to the environment.

Enabling nuclear innovation: A regulator’s view

The UK nuclear regulator is working with other organisations around the world to innovate to improve nuclear safety and security.

How Europe’s wildfires are a sign for the grid to implement digital solutions

As the impacts of climate change become increasingly clearer, digital solutions must be implemented to meet short-term emergency needs.

New hardware security device developed by researchers

Hardware security devices need to be developed to ensure that data is protected and secured from sophisticated cyber attacks.

New AI model can help prevent damaging data breaches

Experts have devised a new AI model that can mimic and detect data breaches to preserve security and advance the use of query-based systems.

Can electric vehicle conversion lead the race to net zero?

Discover how electric vehicle conversion can help us successfully navigate the transition to E-mobility worldwide.

The sustainable future of batteries in Europe rests on a developed recycling industry

A robust European battery recycling market is crucial to upkeep competition with foreign markets and meet the need for batteries after 2030.

How can e-mobility increase energy efficiency in road transport?

The streamSAVE project is developing a streamlined methodology for the evaluation of electric vehicle energy efficiency.

James Webb Space Telescope reveals brand new exoplanet information

The James Webb Space Telescope has revealed a detailed chemical portrait of an exoplanet’s skies, including atoms and molecules.

LIGO: Unravelling the mysteries of the Universe through gravitational wave detection

Discover how the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) Laboratory is advancing gravitational waves research.

Exciting rocket launch paves the way for humanity’s return to the Moon

NASA’s Artemis I rocket successfully took off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, sending the unscrewed Orion capsule towards the Moon.

Partner Spotlight

Galvanic Energy: Industry leading geoscience exploration company

Geoscience exploration company, Galvanic Energy, employs innovative strategies to mineral acquisition advancing the US renewable energy sector. Galvanic Energy is a privately held exploration company...

Partner News

LPI produces battery-grade lithium carbonate from Maricunga project

Lithium Power International has produced lithium carbonate with a 99.92% purity battery grade at its Maricunga lithium project.

Australian Government approves QPM’s TECH project for critical metals

Queensland Pacific Metals has received approval from the Government to develop the company’s TECH Project for critical metals.

Lithium Power International addresses media reports about Maricunga lithium brine project

Lithium Power International (LIPI) provides an update on recent Chilean media reports regarding the company's Maricunga lithium brine project.



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