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Argentina is emerging as a potential source of low-cost uranium

Learn how Blue Sky Uranium is expanding its district-scale, low-cost uranium project in Rio Negro province, Argentina.

Green gamechanger: Danish Power-to-X technology fires up the transition

Find out how Power-to-X stands to become one of the significant players in what could become Denmark’s next green export adventure.

Unlocking Argentina’s hard rock lithium discovery potential

Mineral exploration and development company Green Shift Commodities is committed to exploiting Argentina’s hard rock lithium potential.

Green hydrogen to combat climate change

Discover Minnova Corp's hydrogen strategy and innovative technology, and learn about the role of green hydrogen in the energy transition.

Partner Spotlight

Galvanic Energy: Industry leading geoscience exploration company

Geoscience exploration company, Galvanic Energy, employs innovative strategies to mineral acquisition advancing the US renewable energy sector. Galvanic Energy is a privately held exploration company...

Partner Spotlight

Developing high-quality battery minerals to connect with the electric vehicle industry

QX Resources has multiple projects across Australia to provide the electric vehicle (EV) industry with high-quality battery minerals. QX Resources (ASX:QXR) is focused on the...

Premium Partners

Lake Resources: high purity lithium for the electric vehicle revolution

As the need for electric vehicles becomes clearer, Lake Resources is answering the urgent call for high purity lithium. Lake Resources is a clean lithium...

Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp: Confirmed lithium discovery at Rincon salar

The Lithium Triangle in Argentina continues to deliver increasing lithium production when the world needs it the most. We highlight here the new production...

Sustainably produced critical minerals for clean technology through innovative extraction technologies

Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. (AVL:TSX) is a leader in developing new North American sources of critical minerals for clean technology, including lithium and rare...

Galvanic Energy: Industry leading geoscience exploration company

Geoscience exploration company, Galvanic Energy, employs innovative strategies to mineral acquisition advancing the US renewable energy sector. Galvanic Energy is a privately held exploration company...

All the latest updates on American Lithium Minerals’ lithium projects

Discover the latest updates on American Lithium Minerals' lithium projects located across Nevada in the US.

Can studying bone microstructure solve the fossilisation mystery?

Discover how fossil bone microstructure research can help uncover a deeper understanding of human bone biology.

The critical role of helium in the automotive industry

Find out how Pulsar is using its helium assets to contribute to the important green energy transition through electric vehicle manufacturing.

Featured Partners

Advanced Energy Minerals: high purity alumina production

Advanced Energy Minerals (AEM) is focused on manufacturing high purity alumina for use in fast-growing global markets including the light emitting diode (LED), semiconductor...

Fuelling the green future with the Makuutu Rare Earths Project

Ionic Rare Earths Limited, also known as IonicRE (ASX:IXR), is a publicly listed Australian company with plans to be a major player in the...

Volt Carbon Technologies: Leading the future for solid-state batteries

Volt Carbon Technologies is harnessing its expertise to become the industry production leader of solid-state batteries and graphite mining technology. Volt Carbon Technologies is a...

International Battery Metals: leading the lithium brine extraction revolution

International Battery Metals is an advanced technology company whose cutting-edge technological advancements will enable it to lead world efforts in lithium brine extraction. International Battery...

EIRES: Developing innovative solutions to deliver the clean energy transition

EIRES enables a carbon neutral energy system by developing solutions that affordably deliver the clean energy transition to people’s homes. The transition to clean energy...

Unlocking graphene’s antimicrobial potential

Learn about the recent important discovery that could help to produce safer and more effective antimicrobial products using graphene.

The Muon g-2 experiment: Insights into the unknown

Find out about the Muon g-2 experiment which is seeking to test the theory of the Standard Model and to potentially discover ‘new physics’.

LightCoce ecosystem: Gain access to services driven by your special business needs

Learn about the LightCoce ecosystem which assists in the development of new concepts in the concreate and ceramics industries.

Developing and strengthening Europe’s bioeconomy

John Bell of the European Commission discusses the strategies and initiatives in place to strengthen Europe’s bioeconomy.

Problems with geospatial data in the era of climate risk assessments

Learn more about geospatial data proliferation, accessibility, and sharing – old and new problems in the era of climate risk assessments.

Sustainable networking to invest in our planet

Learn about the importance of prioritising sustainable networking as the demand for connectivity in urban areas grows.

Geothermal energy: Unearthing Europe’s hidden gem

Discover how geothermal energy provides the foundation for a full and inclusive transition away from the EU’s fossil-dominated energy system. 

Radioactive waste: Recycling towards a sustainable future

Learn how the concepts of Radioactive Waste Management can be integrated with Life Cycle Analysis for a circular economy.

Facilitating the energy transition with low-CO2 steel

Learn how Blastr Green Steel's low-CO2 steel will contribute to reducing harmful carbon emissions around the world.

The Topaz helium project: Build up to drilling the appraisal well

Learn about The Topaz project, one of the world’s highest-grade helium discoveries, having been drilled and flowed 10.5% helium.

Browns Range’s rare earths project to contribute to potential alternative permanent magnets supply chain

Learn how the Browns Range rare earths project can contribute to the establishment of robust alternative supply chains for permanent magnets.

Plug Power’s game-changing move: $6bn investment to create three green hydrogen plants in Finland

Plug Power has announced exciting plans to invest $6bn in developing three green hydrogen production plants in Finland.

Addressing bias by empowering AI in recruitment

Discover how human intervention can be intertwined with AI in recruitment to ensure that unconscious bias is overcome.

How are large language AI models being used by procurement teams?

Learn about the hesitancy towards adopting large language AI models and the benefits that they can bring to the workplace.

Can spectator qubits minimise errors in quantum computers?

Learn about a newly proposed system which uses spectator qubits to minimise noise and error in quantum computing.

NEEMO Project: Networking for Excellence in Electric Mobility Operations

Learn about how the NEEMO project has the potential to revolutionise the electric mobility landscape worldwide.

5 factors that could be draining your EV battery

Learn about the factors that cause a draining EV battery and how to take measures to extend the range of your battery.

Adianano: Improving the efficiency of lithium-ion battery production

Learn how the Adianano microwave exfoliation method for lithium-ion battery production is efficient, removing the need for complex equipment.

Large water plume from Saturn’s moon Enceladus mapped by Webb

Learn about the large water plume from Saturn's moon that has been detected by researchers using the James Webb Telescope.

£50m investment set to revolutionise space infrastructure

Discover how a new programme will support the development of cutting-edge research and development facilities in space infrastructure.

Flights from Sydney to London take just two hours with an outer space shortcut

Travellers may soon be able to enjoy flights from Sydney to London in just two hours via going through outer space.

Partner News

Pulsar Helium accelerates toward initial public offering with preliminary prospectus filing

Pulsar Helium has filed a preliminary prospectus in each of Canada's provinces, other than Quebec, for an initial public offering.

15 steps to successfully lobbying government for your cause

American Diversified Enterprises outlines the 15 essential steps to lobbying government for your cause and 12 that must be avoided.

Sustainability, innovation, and the bioeconomy: How to lobby for favourable government policies

Discover how lobbying is essential to influencing government policies concerning sustainability and the bioeconomy.



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