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The Innovation Platform Issue 11

Renforth Resources: Developing unexplored mining territories in Quebec

Renforth Resources is working to develop unexplored mining territories in Quebec to become a key driver in the battery metals supply chain and the...

The World of Solar: Optimising the availability of solar power

Gerard Scheper, CEO of European Solar, discusses the development of his consultancy offshoot, The World of Solar, optimising the availability of solar power, and...

From flood exposure to flood vulnerability

RSS-Hydro emphasises the importance of considering flood vulnerability when devising flood prevention strategies. Floods are the most common natural hazard in the world. Globally, 1.47...

Eloro Resources Ltd: Preparing for the future of tin

Eloro Resources' Tom Larsen explores the use of tin in renewable energy and showcases the company's development of a world-class deposit.

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Lake Resources: high purity lithium for the electric vehicle revolution

As the need for electric vehicles becomes clearer, Lake Resources is answering the urgent call for high purity lithium. Lake Resources is a clean lithium developer employing clean, direct extraction technology for the development of environmentally friendly, high purity lithium from its...

Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp: Advancing high-quality lithium projects in Argentina

Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp is focused on acquiring and advancing new high-quality lithium projects and resources in Argentina that can serve global demand for this critical mineral. Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp believes that the combination of high geologic potential and...

Sustainably produced critical minerals for clean technology through innovative extraction technologies

Avalon Advanced Materials Inc. (AVL:TSX) is a leader in developing new North American sources of critical minerals for clean technology, including lithium and rare earths. Avalon is among a small group of emerging companies identifying their own strategic resources and process solutions...

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Advanced Energy Minerals: high purity alumina production

Advanced Energy Minerals (AEM) is focused on manufacturing high purity alumina for use in fast-growing global markets including the light emitting diode (LED), semiconductor...

Sustainable and ethical lithium production in Chile’s Lithium Triangle

Lithium Power International is a pure-play lithium development company focused on ensuring sustainable and ethical lithium production. Lithium Power International (LPI) has a diversified asset...

Fuelling the green future with the Makuutu Rare Earths Project

Ionic Rare Earths Limited, also known as IonicRE (ASX:IXR), is a publicly listed Australian company with plans to be a major player in the...

AmmPower: Developing a green ammonia production system

AmmPower is developing an innovative green ammonia production system to fuel the transition towards a sustainable planet. AmmPower is a clean energy company focused on...

Volt Carbon Technologies: Leading the future for solid-state batteries

Volt Carbon Technologies is harnessing its expertise to become industry production leader of solid-state batteries, graphene and graphite products. Volt Carbon Technologies is a junior...

International Battery Metals: leading the lithium brine extraction revolution

International Battery Metals is an advanced technology company whose cutting-edge technological advancements will enable it to lead world efforts in lithium brine extraction. International Battery...

Deep insights into sodium-ion batteries using calorimetric methods

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) outlines how, through cutting-edge calorimetric methods, they enhance the safety of post-lithium and sodium-ion batteries. In the framework of...

Platinum group element exploration begins at Mt Thirsty project

Drilling has begun at the Mt Thirsty Joint Venture project in Australia, exploring the next big platinum group element (PGE) and battery metal deposit. The...

The essential role of flake graphite in vehicle electrification

Volt Carbon Technologies illustrate the vital role of natural flake graphite in powering the transition to electric vehicles and how their cutting-edge technology advances...

Extinct species that lived amongst dinosaurs discovered after 150m years

Researchers from Smithsonian have discovered a new extinct species of reptile that inhabited North America during the Jurassic age.

Palaeontologists reveal new factors behind human evolution

Palaeontologists have revealed that human evolution is caused by increasing brain size and an increasingly juvenile cranial shape

Tetrapods discovery provides exciting insights about evolution

Scientists from the University of Bristol have discovered that early tetrapods had fewer skull bones, which limited their evolution

Integrated mineral carbonation: Decarbonising Western Australia

A research team from Curtin University is pioneering decarbonisation in Western Australia through integrated mineral carbonation. Bill Johnston, MLA, Mines and Petroleum Minister, announced on...

Advancing waste heat recovery in Portugal for a greener future

The European project, EMB3Rs, is discovering new ways to achieve industrial waste heat recovery in Portugal to raise energy efficiency, cut carbon emissions and...

New approach revealed to reduce EV battery testing time by 75%

Researchers at the University of Michigan (U-M) have emphasised that testing the longevity of new electric vehicle battery designs could be four times faster...

SUSTEC project develops sustainable 3D printed sodium batteries

A team of University researchers are pioneering sustainable sodium batteries using advanced 3D printing technology.

Waves carrying heated plasma energy observed for the first time

For the first time, scientists have found that electromagnetic waves, produced by high-energy particles, carry heated plasma energy.

100% sustainable aviation fuel developed from lignin

US researchers have pioneered a 100% sustainable aviation fuel using an underutilised natural resource known as lignin

New scalable quantum processor can solve optimisation problems

A research group have made a breakthrough in solving optimisation problems, with the development of a fully scalable quantum processor.

Machine learning models ensure safe levels of chlorine in drinking water

Using machine learning models, researchers have found that AI can be used to ensure sufficient ‘free residual chlorine’ in drinking water.

New breakthrough towards efficient error correction in quantum technology

Researchers have developed a technique to control quantum states of light, which will pave the way for solving errors in quantum technology.

Addressing EV charging costs with solar power

University of South Australia researchers have unveiled that using solar panels can help reduce the costs of EV charging.

Tackling electric vehicle challenges with a new battery electrode

Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin are addressing the biggest challenges currently facing EVs by creating a new type of lithium-ion battery electrode.

Affordable electric cars are essential for achieving 2030 goals in the US

If affordable electric cars do not become more available for consumers, the US is unlikely to achieve its 2030 EV coverage goals.

Exploring the formation of volcanic exoplanets 

A group of Cornell researchers have modelled and synthesised lava in the laboratory to discover how volcanic exoplanets are formed. 

NASA’s DART mission: The importance of planetary defence

There has been a recent breakthrough in NASA’s DART mission, highlighting the importance of planetary defence systems.

UK Space Agency awards two projects £4m to combat space junk

The UK Space Agency is financing two UK-based companies – ClearSpace and Astroscale – £4m to tackle hazardous space junk.

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Avalon to supply LGES with battery-grade lithium hydroxide

Avalon have partnered with LG Energy Solution. Starting in 2025, Avalon will supply LGES with battery-grade lithium hydroxide.

AFCP executes a letter of intent with Progressus for clean hydrogen joint venture project

AFCP has executed a letter of intent with Progressus to develop an industry-leading clean hydrogen joint venture project.

Blue Sky Uranium reveals exciting results from Ivana Deposit

Blue Sky Uranium Corp has announced assay results from the last tranche of the completed reverse circulation (RC) drilling program at the Ivana Deposit.



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