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Used electric vehicle market could drive EV uptake by 17 million

Improving consumer confidence in the used electric vehicle market could influence 17 million motorists to transition to electrified transport.

5 factors that could be draining your EV battery

Learn about the factors that cause a draining EV battery and how to take measures to extend the range of your battery.

Accelerating towards net zero: Decarbonising HGVs to achieve net zero targets

Discover how the UK will achieve its wider net zero targets through the decarbonisation of the HGV supply chain.

Top 30 electric vehicle supply equipment cities revealed in new report

Find out which US cities are ranked highest to attract investment in the electric vehicle supply equipment industry.

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Calorimeters to advance thermal management and battery safety

The development of safe lithium-ion cells is of utmost importance for a breakthrough in the electrification of transport and...

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Volt Carbon Technologies: Leading the future for solid-state batteries

Volt Carbon Technologies is harnessing its expertise to become the industry production leader of solid-state batteries and graphite mining...

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Galvanic Energy: Industry leading geoscience exploration company

Geoscience exploration company, Galvanic Energy, employs innovative strategies to mineral acquisition advancing the US renewable energy sector. Galvanic Energy is...

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Breakthrough in design for electric car batteries enables faster-charging

Researchers from Penn State have developed a new technique that charges electric car batteries in only ten minutes.

Addressing EV charging costs with solar power

University of South Australia researchers have unveiled that using solar panels can help reduce the costs of EV charging.

Pride EV charging stations are driving North America’s electrification

Pride EV's EV charging infrastructure addresses the main challenges facing commercial fleets looking to make the transition to electric.

Driving the green revolution: The use of copper in EVs

Colin Bennett, Market Intelligence Director at the International Copper Association, shares his thoughts on the increasing use of copper in the EV industry. Despite the...

Fast charging networks: Supporting the EV revolution

Andrew Phillips, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of Lithium Power International, explores plans for fast-charging networks to support the rapidly increasing demand for...

Developing EV charging infrastructure to decarbonise transport

Phillippe Vangeel, Secretary General at AVERE, argues that we must develop EV charging infrastructure to decarbonise transport by 2050 and to phase out internal...

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EV Charging

The demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure will see a significant increase in coming years as the number of electric vehicles on the roads continues to rise.

In the attempt to achieve a zero carbon future, one of the biggest challenges facing global communities is accurately forecasting demand for EV charging infrastructure and technology.

Potential converts to an EV rank lack of access to charging stations as one of the greatest barriers to purchasing an eco-friendly electric vehicle.