Nuclear Energy News

Radioactive waste: Recycling towards a sustainable future

Learn how the concepts of Radioactive Waste Management can be integrated with Life Cycle Analysis for a circular economy.

Harnessing the power of small modular reactors to achieve net zero

Find out why the nuclear industry must address cost challenges associated with small modular reactors to compete with alternative sources.

STRUMAT-LTO: Advancing long-term safe operation of LWR nuclear power plants

Ageing mechanisms of reactor pressure vessel steels at high neutron fluences is crucial for safe operation of LWR nuclear power plants.

Looking inside irradiated steel

Learn how technology is allowing us to ‘look inside’ irradiated steels to determine the durability of a nuclear structure.

Computational modelling in support of progress towards nuclear fusion energy breakeven

The field of plasma physics, which is essential for the success of nuclear fusion, has benefited from advancements in high-performance computing.

Nuclear Energy Special Reports

Predicting reactor pressure vessel behaviour for light-water reactors

Researchers at the Universities of Wisconsin and California are integrating physics and Machine Learning to predict materials degradation in nuclear reactors. The reactor pressure vessel (RPV) is...

NUCOBAM: Increasing nuclear industry profitability and improving safety

Dr Myriam Bourgeois, NUCOBAM Coordinator at Université Paris-Saclay CEA, explains how the European project aims for future AM Standard in the nuclear energy industry. The...

Current and advanced nuclear reactors: How safe is safe enough?

Researchers at North Carolina State University are embracing risk technologies to enable and ensure safe, secure, and cost-competitive operations for the current and advanced...

Achieving net zero goals through optimising nuclear reactor safety

EPRI and Vanderbilt University highlight the importance of incorporating risk insights early in the advanced nuclear reactor design process to shorten schedules and enhance...

Exploring the pros and cons of nuclear energy

Researchers at the University of Oklahoma’s Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis discuss evolving public perspectives on the future of nuclear energy in...

Facilitating advanced nuclear reactor technology through fuel innovation

Elizabeth Sooby PhD, Assistant Professor at The University of Texas at San Antonio, discusses the need for fuel innovation and discovery to enable advanced...

Nuclear Energy News Cont'd

Fibre optical sensors for nuclear renaissance

The world needs stable and carbon-free nuclear energy as electric baseload to support the green revolution – fibre optical sensors can help.

A nuclear energy renaissance in Sweden and the SUNRISE programme

Nuclear energy research is rapidly advancing in Sweden, where new policy and changing political winds are acting as a positive driving force.

Europe’s fusion energy journey

Learn everything that you need to know about Europe’s contribution to fusion energy research and innovation.

Can mesoporous silicas be used for the treatment of radioactive effluent?

A study considering a new strategy for the treatment of radioactive effluents based on the use of mesoporous silicas is under way.

Integral and separate effects tests for advanced reactors

Researchers at the University of New Mexico detail technologies that will pave the way towards commercialising advanced reactors.

Radio and materials chemistry research for the safe management of nuclear waste

The safe management of nuclear waste requires a sound scientific understanding of the various radioactive materials involved.

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