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Blue Sky Uranium reveals exciting results from Ivana Deposit

Blue Sky Uranium Corp has announced assay results from the last tranche of the completed reverse circulation (RC) drilling program at the Ivana Deposit.

The road to commercialising fusion energy in the UK

Heather Lewtas from the UK Atomic Energy Authority details the UK’s efforts to commercialise fusion energy.

Advancing fusion energy technologies in the UK

Professor Kate Royse explains how UK organisations are collaborating to accelerate fusion energy technologies.

Why is the EU championing nuclear energy to secure a greener future?

Learn about the current and projected future outlook for nuclear energy within Europe with Massimo Garribba of the European Commission.

Expanding the UK’s nuclear power capacity

Learn everything about the UK's nuclear power plans with Andrew Storer, CEO of the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

Nuclear Energy Special Reports

Achieving net zero goals through optimising nuclear reactor safety

EPRI and Vanderbilt University highlight the importance of incorporating risk insights early in the advanced nuclear reactor design process to shorten schedules and enhance...

Exploring the pros and cons of nuclear energy

Researchers at the University of Oklahoma’s Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis discuss evolving public perspectives on the future of nuclear energy in...

Facilitating advanced nuclear reactor technology through fuel innovation

Elizabeth Sooby PhD, Assistant Professor at The University of Texas at San Antonio, discusses the need for fuel innovation and discovery to enable advanced...

New testing facility to accelerate advanced nuclear technologies

The University of Pittsburgh is developing a pool-type materials testing facility to accelerate advanced nuclear technologies. In order to facilitate advanced nuclear technologies, stable materials...

Developing advanced nuclear reactors using ion irradiation to accelerate neutron damage

Researchers at the University of Michigan are utilising ion irradiation to accelerate neutron damage, thus paving the way for the development of advanced nuclear...

Molten salt reactors: An old technology made new

A nuclear technology, molten salt reactors (MSRs), once considered to power aircraft during the Cold War, is now on the cusp of lighting our...

Nuclear Energy News Cont'd

Exploring the advantages and challenges of nuclear power

Elliot Austin discusses the impact of nuclear power, evaluating its advantages and challenges as a fuel source compared to renewable plants. How does nuclear power...

The IAEA: Ensuring nuclear safety and security for Ukraine

The International Atomic Energy Agency delivered a large batch of vital radiation protection and monitoring equipment to Ukraine this week, which was offered by...

UK shows support for Ukraine’s energy sector with £5m funding boost

The UK government has announced a £5m support fund for Ukraine’s energy sector, providing safety and security equipment to Ukraine’s civil nuclear sector. Today, 11...

Assessing the role of nuclear power in the clean energy transition

The International Energy Agency has recently released a report evaluating the position of nuclear power in the clean energy transition. Nuclear power is rapidly gaining...

Horizon EUROfusion: Developing clean and safe nuclear fusion energy

Horizon EUROfusion is celebrating the start of conceptual designs for a power plant to develop clean and safe nuclear fusion energy. EUROfusion will be celebrating...

TMR for nuclear power generation: Developing a viable source of energy

A research team from Ritsumeikan University, Japan, has investigated the TMR for nuclear power generation. Rapidly growing populations combined with urbanisation and industrialisation are leading...

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Nuclear Reactors

Nuclear reactors work by harnessing the heat created by the splitting of atoms during a process known as nuclear fission. The heat released can then be used to generate electricity.

Currently, about 10% of the world’s electricity is produced from nuclear energy.

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