Agriculture News

Commercial farming’s deforestation in the Amazon increases temperatures and reduces rainfall

Researchers investigating deforestation in the Amazon report that commercial farms cause temperature increases and less rainfall.

Illegal agriculture driving worldwide decrease of tropical forests

A study from Forest Trends has indicated that the decline of tropical rainforests is due to the prevalence of illegal agriculture.

Designing sustainable cities with Urban InVEST software

A new free to use, open-source software may potentially aid in designing sustainable cities worldwide, saving countries billions of pounds.

Using plant probes to enhance sustainable farming

Researchers at KAUST have developed microneedles in several plant-friendly polymers that could enhance sustainable farming.

Natural woodland regeneration: an economical tree-planting alternative

A long-term passive rewilding study has indicated that UK tree-planting targets could be attained via natural woodland regeneration methods.

Food systems exacerbating greenhouse gas emissions

A global study has revealed that food systems have far more substantial impacts on greenhouse gas emissions than previously anticipated.

Farmed seafood is a climate smart form of agriculture

With over 125 years’ experience in supporting the nation’s fisheries, NOAA Fisheries shares some of the work it is doing to ensure aquaculture has a positive impact on environmental, social, economic development.

Rubisco enzyme investigation may improve crop yields

A novel investigation into the Rubisco enzyme that is vital in plant photosynthesis may lead to methods that enhance crop yields and growth.

Global co-operation on plant biotechnology and genetic resources

T-PIRC’s Professor Kazuo Watanabe explains how the centre is developing both the next generation plants and plant biotechnology.

The challenges facing animal health in European farms

Innovation News Network's International Editor, Clifford Holt, spoke to Roxane Feller, Secretary General of AnimalhealthEurope, about some of the challenges and opportunities facing animal health in Europe today.

Multi-stakeholder agricultural co-operatives and sustainability

Dr Thomas W Gray, from the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Co-operative Programs, explains why multi-stakeholder co-operatives may be able to bequeath more democratic organisational models and organisations to future generations that can help address sustainability questions and dilemmas.

CowManager: towards successful and sustainable dairy farming

CowManager is the best option to measure cow performance and achieve a successful and sustainable future in global dairy farming.



Agriculture refers to the cultivation of crops and raising of livestock and relies on the close management of resources in order to make it an effective and environmentally friendly process.