Agriculture News

‘One Health’ approach to nasal bacteria could lead to new treatments for bovine respiratory diseases

New research has studied three bacterial species in the noses of young cattle, which could lead to bovine respiratory diseases.

A bacterium inside the seeds of rice plants inhibits destructive plant pathogens

Researchers have demonstrated how a specific bacterium inside the seeds of rice plants effectively inhibits destructive plant pathogens.

Bringing down the barriers to truly sustainable agriculture

Patrick Holden CBE discusses issues such as the Agriculture Bill, Brexit, and the ‘land sharing’ versus ‘land sparing’ debate.

Making the Sustainable Development Goals a reality

Dr Guy Schumann, CEO and Principal Scientist at RSS-Hydro Sarl-S, argues that more businesses need to include the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in their...

The role of the rumen microbiome in the digestion of dairy cows

Professors Andres M Gomez, Marshall D Stern, and Isaac Salfer outline the relationship between the rumen microbiome and nutrient digestion in dairy cows.

New self-watering soil pulls water from the air to distribute to plants

Engineers at the University of Texas at Austin, USA, have created a self-watering soil that can pull water from the air and distribute it...

Preparing for the EU Bioeconomy Monitoring System

In preparation for the launch of the EU Bioeconomy Monitoring System, the BioMonitor project participated in this year’s Community of Practice Workshop hosted by...

Farm to fork to be incorporated into the European sustainable food system

The Council of the European Union has announced a set of conclusions for its farm to fork strategy, stressing...

€7m to improve agriculture and aquaculture in Africa

The Horizon 2020 project, FoodLAND, has been awarded €7m to develop a range of innovations for agriculture and aquaculture in Africa. The project’s main goal...

Leading the way in crop innovation

The Chief Executive of the UK’s National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB), Tina Barsby OBE, spoke to The Innovation Platform about the history of...

Livestock health and its relationship with contagious diseases

Professor Andy Peters, programme director of the University of Edinburgh’s Supporting Evidence Based Interventions (SEBI) project, discusses livestock health and its relationship with contagious...

Approaching new markets – GrainSense in the United States and Russia

Melvin Robert Huber III explains how GrainSense's strategy for approaching new markets in the US and Russian can be used by businesses to help...


Agriculture refers to the cultivation of crops and raising of livestock and relies on the close management of resources in order to make it an effective and environmentally friendly process.