Agriculture News

From plastic to plant: transforming bioplastics into fertiliser

In a novel environmentally friendly process, plastics manufactured using biomass (bioplastics) are chemically recycled back into fertilisers.

Future farm technology will help meet net-zero goals

UK government’s Farming Innovation Pathways competition provides funding for future farm technology.

Benefits of concentrated farming over eco-friendly agriculture

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have concluded that concentrated farming that leaves room for natural habitats is more optimal than eco-friendly agriculture.

Switzerland’s first pilot plant for indigenous forest biomass extraction

BFH and Schilliger Holz AG's pilot plant for producing extracts from indigenous forest biomass revolutionises the forestry and wood industry.

Protecting crops from insects with innovative compound solution

Researchers have developed a novel compound solution – based on the odours released by predator insects – to repel herbivorous insects and protect crops.

Detection of cellular-level process behind crop-killing bacteria

A group of researchers from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) has discovered a key process through which dangerous crop-killing bacteria can infect plants.

Additional support for farmers tackling water pollution

The UK government are to offer farmers further advice, support, and funding to facilitate tackling the challenge of water pollution.

Developing organic nitrogen fertiliser to enhance agriculture production

Researchers from Flinders University are investigating organic nitrogen fertiliser to return nitrogen to soil without the need for chemicals.

Utilising smart farming devices to enhance sand dune habitats 

Cattle in Lincolnshire have been equipped with novel smart collars to aid the enhancement of important sand dune habitats. 

Utilising tamarind shells as an energy source for vehicles 

An international consortium of scientists has discovered a novel way to convert tamarind shells into an energy source for vehicles. 

Producing sustainable bioplastics with agriculture byproducts

Researchers at Texas A&M have discovered a way to use agriculture byproducts to produce sustainable bioplastics.

Commercial farming’s deforestation in the Amazon increases temperatures and reduces rainfall

Researchers investigating deforestation in the Amazon report that commercial farms cause temperature increases and less rainfall.


Agriculture refers to the cultivation of crops and raising of livestock and relies on the close management of resources in order to make it an effective and environmentally friendly process.