Computer Science News

Navigating quantum computing in the NISQ era 

Learn how researchers are leveraging techniques to manage error accumulation to show the potential of quantum computing in the NISQ era.

High-order predictive modelling methodology for optimal results with reduced uncertainties

Professor Dan Gabriel Cacuci highlights a high-order predictive modelling methodology which overcomes the curse of dimensionality.

New technology will develop scalable, affordable quantum computers

An alternative to standard quantum chips makes the production of quantum computers more scalable, affordable, and sustainable.

Computer scientists warn of the dangers of smartphone spyware apps

Dangerous smartphone spyware apps can easily leak sensitive personal information and are hard to notice and detect.

Breakthrough in quantum computers set to solve major societal challenges

UK scientists have made a major breakthrough in developing practical quantum computers – connecting quantum microchips for the first time.

Using Machine Learning to discover highly selective catalysts

Researchers have used a chemical synthesis robot and cost-effective AI model to predict and validate highly selective catalysts successfully.

Chalmers University of Technology’s quantum computer becomes available to industry

A cutting-edge quantum computer is to become accessible for researchers and companies in Sweden thanks to sizeable funding.

Computer technology revolutionised with new materials

Researchers have used the Swiss Light Source to help reach a vital turning point in innovating computer technology.

Quantum computer stability optimised by new topological superconductor

Researchers at Penn State have pioneered a cutting-edge topological superconductor that enhances quantum computer stability.

Quantum computing advance unlocks technology’s potential

University of Tokyo researchers have identified possible solutions to overcome the limitations of qubits for quantum computing.

UK researchers boost battery and solar cell efficiency with quantum computers

Experts have developed a cutting-edge algorithm for quantum computers that looks to enhance the efficiency of batteries and solar cells.

Combatting electronic waste with biodegradable circuit boards

A research team has innovated groundbreaking biodegradable circuit boards that look to solve the growing problem of electronic waste.

Computer Science

Computer science is the study of principles, applications, methods of data processing, and the machines which perform them.

As a field of science, computer science covers a range of topics from the theoretical study of algorithms, computation and information, to the practical issues of implementing computational hardware and software systems in the real world which aid and improve society.