Computer Science News

Quantum computer stability optimised by new topological superconductor

Researchers at Penn State have pioneered a cutting-edge topological superconductor that enhances quantum computer stability.

Quantum computing advance unlocks technology’s potential

University of Tokyo researchers have identified possible solutions to overcome the limitations of qubits for quantum computing.

UK researchers boost battery and solar cell efficiency with quantum computers

Experts have developed a cutting-edge algorithm for quantum computers that looks to enhance the efficiency of batteries and solar cells.

Combatting electronic waste with biodegradable circuit boards

A research team has innovated groundbreaking biodegradable circuit boards that look to solve the growing problem of electronic waste.

The NSF announces investments to advance cybersecurity efforts

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has declared a $25.4m investment to improve innovative projects in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is critical to safeguarding infrastructure, keeping supply chains...

Developing an innovative amphibious artificial vision system

Researchers at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology have developed an amphibious artificial vision system with a panoramic field-of-view capable of imaging both...

Help to Grow: Digital scheme could benefit 1.2 million UK businesses

The Help to Grow: Digital software scheme eligibility has been expanded to businesses with at least one employee, meaning 1.2 million businesses could benefit. A...

AI: Assisting three-dimensional galaxy distribution analysis of our Universe

A research team from the Kavli Institute’s Physics and Mathematics of the Universe has developed a simulation for three-dimensional...

Raytheon and NORSS: Enhancing the quality of the UK’s orbital analysis

Raytheon, UK, has announced an agreement to acquire Northern Space and Security Ltd, in order to improve the quality of the UK’s orbital analysis. Raytheon’s...

Scientists develop an animated model of the Milky Way to investigate dust

Astronomers at the Royal Astronomical Society utilised an animated model of the Milky Way to investigate dust, allowing them to determine groundbreaking conclusions regarding...

Utilising Artificial Intelligence to protect bees from pesticides

A research team from Oregon State University’s College of Engineering has employed Artificial Intelligence to help protect bees from pesticides. Cory Simon, Assistant Professor of...

European Innovation Agenda: Making Europe a global leader in technology

The European Commission embraces new European Innovation Agenda to position Europe as a leading player in the global innovation scene. On 5 July 2022, the...

Computer Science

Computer science is the study of principles, applications, methods of data processing, and the machines which perform them.

As a field of science, computer science covers a range of topics from the theoretical study of algorithms, computation and information, to the practical issues of implementing computational hardware and software systems in the real world which aid and improve society.