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Advanced materials and reactors for energy storage through ammonia

Discover how the ARENHA project is working to overcome the technical challenges of using green ammonia for flexible, safe, and profitable energy storage.

Abandoned mines could soon become energy storage hubs

A new IIASA-led project will transform decommissioned abandoned mines into long-term energy storage solutions.

Facility that turns greenhouse gases into stable carbon reaches second phase

The combined facility successfully removes the greenhouse gas CO2 from the atmosphere and turns it to stable carbon.

Cutting carbon emissions with a green ammonia production process

Scientists have made progress in making ammonia production more environmentally friendly, using green ammonia as a greener fertiliser.

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Lithium Power International: Pioneering the lithium supply chain

Industry-leading energy company Lithium Power International (LPI) is advancing their Maricunga brine project in Chile, a significant enhancement to the lithium supply chain. Adversity often...

Wireless charging for electric vehicles could significantly reduce CO2 emissions

Oren Ezer, CEO of ElectReon, sets out the opportunities offered by wide scale implementation of wireless charging for electric vehicles. In the face of climate...

Hydrogen powered vehicles: a fast-emerging market

As global leader in the field of hydrogen powered vehicles, First Hydrogen is in a unique position to capitalise on this growing market. As distinguished...

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Cerium flow batteries to advance grid-scale energy storage

Researchers from the University of Michigan have discovered why cerium flow batteries that have a sulphuric acid electrolyte lose voltage.

Zinc anode stabilised to improve performance of zinc-ion batteries

Researchers from POSTECH have increased the stability of a zinc anode to improve the electrochemical stability of the zinc-ion battery.

Making batteries lighter and saving CO2 emissions

Discover Ultimate Battery Company's breakthrough battery technology which is set to revolutionise energy storage.

Nanomaterials boost performance of environmentally friendly batteries

Researchers have improved the performance of environmentally friendly batteries using catalysts with unconventional phase nanostructures.

Sodium batteries improved with new electrode material

A research group from Osaka Metropolitan University has developed a cheaper positive electrode to enhance all-solid-state sodium batteries.

Storelectric’s energy storage solutions can overpower energy transition challenges

Why innovations in energy storage are crucial to combatting the challenges associated with the energy transition.

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Energy Storage

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