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The SENDER project: An integrated demand-response platform

Discover how the SENDER project will develop the next generation of household-focused demand-response systems.

Sun-To-X: Using solar energy to produce a carbon-free liquid fuel

The Sun-To-X project uses solar energy to produce a carbon-free, energy-dense, liquid fuel for use in transport and energy storage.

Transforming the battery and energy storage industries with innovative new technologies

Ultimate Battery Company is working to overhaul the battery and energy storage markets with its innovative Duophasic technology.

Renewable energy storage boosted by £30m Government funding

The UK Government has awarded £30m for a series of innovative projects to develop new technologies for renewable energy storage and capture.

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Lithium Power International: Pioneering the lithium supply chain

Industry-leading energy company Lithium Power International (LPI) is advancing their Maricunga brine project in Chile, a significant enhancement to the lithium supply chain. Adversity often...

Wireless charging for electric vehicles could significantly reduce CO2 emissions

Oren Ezer, CEO of ElectReon, sets out the opportunities offered by wide scale implementation of wireless charging for electric vehicles. In the face of climate...

Hydrogen powered vehicles: a fast-emerging market

As global leader in the field of hydrogen powered vehicles, First Hydrogen is in a unique position to capitalise on this growing market. As distinguished...

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Sustainable heat pumps and storages for effective heating and cooling

Discover efficient solutions for heating and cooling using natural refrigerant heat pumps and high-energy density storage solutions.

Elestor’s award-winning hydrogen bromine flow battery produces electrical power and hydrogen

Elestor’s innovative hydrogen bromine flow battery technology provides a reliable and low-cost energy storage solution.

Ensuring the electrification of Europe’s value chains

Bo Normark of EIT InnoEnergy Scandinavia explains that the electrification of Europe's value chains is required for decarbonisation.

Abandoned mines could soon become energy storage hubs

A new IIASA-led project will transform decommissioned abandoned mines into long-term energy storage solutions.

Facility that turns greenhouse gases into stable carbon reaches second phase

The combined facility successfully removes the greenhouse gas CO2 from the atmosphere and turns it to stable carbon.

Cutting carbon emissions with a green ammonia production process

Scientists have made progress in making ammonia production more environmentally friendly, using green ammonia as a greener fertiliser.


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