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Budget23: Supporting clean hydrogen production in Canada

The budget will enable Canada to compete globally against other countries that are accelerating clean hydrogen production.

How hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles will revolutionise the transport industry

Innovation News Network brings you the ultimate guide to zero-emission, hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles.

Affordable and efficient hydrogen production on site and on demand

The technical team at Element 1 has achieved the most compact and highest-efficiency hydrogen generator available today.

Electric car range can be boosted by revolutionary new battery technology

Researchers have developed a high-capacity anode material that could boost the current electric car range by at least ten-fold.

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Element 1 Corp: Pioneering clean energy with fully automated hydrogen generators

Element 1 Corp is leading the global effort for clean energy with its range of fully automated hydrogen generators. As...

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First Hydrogen: Delivering long-range hydrogen-powered utility vehicles

First Hydrogen is harnessing the ‘best of the best’ to capitalise on a once-in-a-century opportunity – a confluence of...

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The Dutch Electrolyser: Using bubbles to produce green hydrogen

With its state-of-the-art Dutch Electrolyser, EIRES is producing green hydrogen to accelerate the energy transition. Bert Vreman, a research professional at Nobian and part-time professor...

Green ammonia production for a functional hydrogen economy

AmmPower is pioneering the development of green ammonia production facilities to achieve a truly green and functional hydrogen economy. The onset of electrification and sustainability...

Hydrogen powered vehicles: a fast-emerging market

As global leader in the field of hydrogen powered vehicles, First Hydrogen is in a unique position to capitalise on this growing market. As distinguished...

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First Hydrogen’s light commercial vehicles test driven by Ballard Power

Ballard Power Systems has test-driven First Hydrogen's first-generation zero-emission light commercial vehicle

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A-LEAF sustainable fuels project achieves world-record results

The A-LEAF project has achieved a world-record efficiency in converting CO2 and H2O into sustainable fuels.

BMW brings a revolutionary fleet of hydrogen vehicles to our roads

The fleet of hydrogen vehicles is set to be employed internationally for demonstration and trial purposes for various target groups.

Driving the global energy transition with hydrogen

Although hydrogen energy is still in its infancy, it has major potential to become a key source of green energy.

Sweden’s Cell Impact scales flow plate production with unique technology

Cell Impact Forming™ is a high-velocity production process for fuel cell flow plates and is easily scalable for high-volume production.

Does natural hydrogen gas have the potential to disrupt the energy sector?

Learn about natural hydrogen and its vast potential as a clean and inexpensive energy source to help fuel the green transition.

Renewable hydrogen rules established by the European Commission

The European Commission has unveiled new rules for renewable hydrogen by adopting two Delegated Acts under the Renewable Energy Directive.

How nuclear energy can establish the hydrogen economy

The Nuclear Energy Agency outline the potential of nuclear energy in developing the hydrogen economy globally.

RWE, LOTTE and Mitsubishi join forces on clean ammonia project

RWE, LOTTE CHEMICAL Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation have formed a strategic alliance to develop clean ammonia supply chains.

Researchers produce green hydrogen through seawater splitting

An international team of researchers has successfully split seawater without pre-treatment to produce green hydrogen.

Australian and German joint funding deal to stimulate hydrogen production

Renewable hydrogen production is set to accelerate with an Australian and German $100m joint funding deal.

Advanced materials and reactors for energy storage through ammonia

Discover how the ARENHA project is working to overcome the technical challenges of using green ammonia for flexible, safe, and profitable energy storage.

New Aston University centre to pioneer low-carbon hydrogen production from biomass

Aston University has received a £300,000 grant to develop an integrated lab-scale centre for low-carbon hydrogen production from biomass.

HyTerra Ltd finalising flow test of natural hydrogen exploration well

HyTerra Ltd is finalising the planning of the extended flow test of the Hoarty NE3 natural hydrogen exploration well.

North Sea green hydrogen pipeline project seeks PCI status from European Commission

The AquaDuctus green hydrogen pipeline project has applied to the European Commission for Project of Common Interest (PCI) status.

Hydrogen engine technology accelerated through €40m EIB funding

The PUNCH Group has been awarded €40m in funding by the European Investment Bank (EIB) to advance hydrogen engine technology.

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Hydrogen Cells

Hydrogen fuel cells are electrochemical cells that convert the chemical energy of hydrogen and an oxidizing agent (often oxygen) into electricity.

The process by which hydrogen fuel cells work can be continuous as long as fuel and oxygen are in ready supply. With hydrogen being the most abundant element in the universe, more companies are looking at it’s potential as a sustainable energy source.