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Establishing Europe’s place in the global hydrogen market

Hydrogen Europe is working with other major organisations, both in Europe and globally, to accelerate the hydrogen economy.

New optical sensor can detect dangerous hydrogen leaks

When mixed with air, hydrogen becomes explosive, making it essential to sense hydrogen leaks as quickly as possible.

CERN and Airbus collaborate to develop zero-emission hydrogen planes

CERN and Airbus UpNext have partnered to explore employing superconducting technologies to develop zero-emission hydrogen planes.

Innovating Europe’s clean hydrogen sector

The Clean Hydrogen Partnership is helping to accelerate development and deployment of clean hydrogen technologies in Europe.

Premium Partner

Element 1 Corp: Pioneering clean energy with fully automated hydrogen generators

Element 1 Corp is leading the global effort for clean energy with its range of fully automated hydrogen generators. As...

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First Hydrogen: Delivering long-range hydrogen-powered utility vehicles

First Hydrogen is harnessing the ‘best of the best’ to capitalise on a once-in-a-century opportunity – a confluence of...

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Green ammonia production for a functional hydrogen economy

AmmPower is pioneering the development of green ammonia production facilities to achieve a truly green and functional hydrogen economy. The onset of electrification and sustainability...

Hydrogen powered vehicles: a fast-emerging market

As global leader in the field of hydrogen powered vehicles, First Hydrogen is in a unique position to capitalise on this growing market. As distinguished...

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AFCP executes a letter of intent with Progressus for clean hydrogen joint venture project

AFCP has executed a letter of intent with Progressus to develop an industry-leading clean hydrogen joint venture project.

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Solving the fertiliser crisis by bringing the solution home

Discover FuelPositive’s innovative green ammonia production technology which aims to tackle food insecurity.

University of Manchester project to recover hydrogen fuel from waste

A University of Manchester project has received UK Government funding to innovate a novel technique to recover hydrogen fuel from waste

Developing damage-resistant materials for hydrogen storage and large-scale transport

Read how understanding the degradation caused by hydrogen can provide the vital knowledge needed to improve hydrogen storage and transport.

AFCP’s hydrogen fuel cell innovations are supercharging the global energy transition

Alkaline Fuel Cell Power Corp offers affordable, renewable, and reliable energy assets and cleantech to accelerate a zero-carbon future.

Graphite – The essential ingredient of hydrogen fuel cell technologies

Dr Corina Hebestreit of the European Carbon and Graphite Association discusses the role of graphite in hydrogen fuel cell technologies.

The Port of Esbjerg boosts Denmark’s hydrogen economy

Discover how the Port of Esbjerg is well-positioned to lead Denmark’s hydrogen economy as part of Europe’s green energy transition.

Belgium’s revised hydrogen strategy unveiled at Port of Antwerp-Bruges

Port of Antwerp-Bruges is set to play a vital role in Belgium's revised hydrogen strategy through the production of green hydrogen.

Hydrogen generation for a cleaner future

As the world works towards a clean future, Element 1 are providing advanced hydrogen generators to support the fuel cell industry.

bp submits government bid for Teesside green hydrogen plant

bp has submitted a bid for its proposed large-scale green hydrogen plant, HyGreen Teesside, to the UK Government.

Scientists discover that graphene electrodes can break water molecules

Scientists are using graphene to pull water molecules apart, which could help generate hydrogen fuel from water.

European Commission approves €5.2bn for hydrogen value chain project

The European Commission has approved another project to support innovation and construction of infrastructure in the hydrogen value chain.

Study explores the use of ammonia to transport clean hydrogen

Amogy and Trafigura are to research ammonia cracking technology to facilitate global clean hydrogen supply chains.

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Hydrogen Cells

Hydrogen fuel cells are electrochemical cells that convert the chemical energy of hydrogen and an oxidizing agent (often oxygen) into electricity.

The process by which hydrogen fuel cells work can be continuous as long as fuel and oxygen are in ready supply. With hydrogen being the most abundant element in the universe, more companies are looking at it’s potential as a sustainable energy source.