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Energy transition project awarded more than €9m to reduce emissions

A new energy transition project, known as WHISPER, has been awarded €9.2m in funding from Horizon Europe for a four-year innovation project.

New solar-powered system converts harmful emissions into sustainable fuels

Researchers have developed a system that can transform plastic waste and greenhouse gases into sustainable fuels using energy from the Sun.

New solar cell material could be used in space

The University of Warwick has been granted £2.2m to investigate a new type of solar cell material in a bid to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Creating the most efficient perovskite solar cells to date using ammonium

Scientists have created perovskite solar cells with 21% efficiency, the best results ever for a device made from a non-halide lead source.

Making rooftop solar panels more efficient with AI

Researchers have developed Artificial Intelligence methods that can help to improve the performance of rooftop solar panels.

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Pioneering the energy transition with revolutionary heat storage systems

EIRES researchers have developed a way to utilise heat storage in a safe, sustainable, and loss-free way. Efficient storage and transport of heat is one...

System Integration: Toward informed decision making for the energy transition

The Eindhoven Institute for Renewable Energy Systems is using a System Integration approach, which aims to model future energy systems to facilitate the green...

Examining the potential of magnet rare earths at the Makuutu Rare Earth Project

Tim Harrison, Managing Director and CEO of Ionic Rare Earths Limited, discusses the Makuutu Rare Earth Project and its magnet rare earths potential. Ionic Rare...

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New material boosts the performance and stability of organic photovoltaics

Experts from Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) have innovated a new material that optimises organic photovoltaics.

New microscope images reveal a promising new solar cell material

A microscope that uses terahertz waves to collect data on samples has shown that MAPbI3 perovskite could replace silicon in solar cells.

New concept for photovoltaic cells developed

Photovoltaic cells require a heterojunction to ensure sunlight is converted into electricity, but new cells cannot always form them.

Solar Park 2.0 project to optimise the efficiency of photovoltaic systems

Read how the Solar Park 2.0 project will enhance the efficiency and harness the full potential of photovoltaic systems.

Novel solar energy harvesting system breaks efficiency record

University of Houston researchers have developed a solar energy harvesting system that has the potential to generate solar power 24/7.

New process improves efficiency of low-cost solar cells 

Researchers have found a way to improve the efficiency of low-cost solar cells, aiding the global transition to clean energy.

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