Materials Science News

Extended durability for high strength aluminium alloys

Professor Aude Simar’s team at the Université catholique de Louvain are using friction stir processing to enhance the durability of high strength aluminium alloys. Materials...

Heteroepitaxial two-dimensional crystals: from growth to applications

The quantum device physics laboratory leads the creation of new two-dimensional crystals inspired by graphene, targeting applications in sensing, catalysis, and nanoelectronics. The precise control...

Scientists have achieved the first visualisation of quantum dots in bilayer graphene

The first visualisation of quantum dots in bilayer graphene, revealing the shape of the quantum wave function of the trapped electrons.

VascTech materials – the possibilities are endless

Dr Chris Mangun, Director of Advanced Materials at CU Aerospace, explains the benefits and applications of VascTech (Vapourisation of sacrificial components Technology), a unique...

Combining nanomaterials and biomaterials to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases

Northeastern University explains how nanomaterials and biomaterials can be used to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases.

Researchers have created a pearl spectrometer for biomedical and military applications

Innovators at Purdue University, USA, have demonstrated light transport-assisted information processing by creating a pearl spectrometer.

New bioplastic film made from a by-product of palm oil

Researchers from Malaysia have created a new bioplastic film made from a by-product of palm oil to reduce plastic pollution and biological waste from...

The National Cancer Institute on the use of biomaterials in cancer treatment

Matthew Wolf of the National Cancer Institute spoke to Innovation News Network’s Caitlin Magee, about the use of biomaterials in cancer treatment.

Researchers 3D bioprint fibrocartilage

Scientists from Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, USA, can 3D bioprint cartilage to treat those suffering from arthritis and knee injuries.

New self-watering soil pulls water from the air to distribute to plants

Engineers at the University of Texas at Austin, USA, have created a self-watering soil that can pull water from the air and distribute it...

Researchers create the first-ever 3D printed biomimetic tongue

Researchers led by the University of Leeds, UK, have used 3D printing technology to produce a synthetic material with a tongue-like texture, creating the...

Scientists synthesise graphene nanoribbons for quantum technology

An international team of researchers has synthesised graphene nanoribbons on a titanium dioxide surface to further innovation in quantum technologies. Graphene is composed of single-atom-thick...

Materials Science

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