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Scaling-up extraction of extracellular matrices

Dr Deepak Choudhury, from the Biomanufacturing Technology Group at BTI A*STAR, explains how its newly-developed strategies can scale-up the extraction of extracellular matrices.

4D material could help scientists bioengineer organs

New hydrogel-based 4D material changes shape in response to psychological stimuli and could be used to bioengineer organs. As published in the journal Advanced Functional...

NOVA University: achieving the Sustainable Development Goals with interdisciplinary research

NOVA University Lisbon, a comprehensive young European public higher education institution, promotes collaborative and interdisciplinary research that will help to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Scientists biosynthesise magnetic nanoparticles using bacteria

Researchers have biosynthesised magnetic nanoparticles using bacteria, a process that will become essential to biomedicine and biotechnology.

Metal-free porous carbons: innovations for energy and environmental applications

Professor Conchi O Ania, Research Director of CNRS at CEMHTI, discusses the possibilities of metal-free porous carbons in energy and environmental applications.

Finnish researchers conduct temporal monitoring of microplastics in sediment

A team of Finnish researchers has developed a new method for the temporal monitoring of microplastics in sediment.

Researchers successfully integrate 2D materials into semiconductor manufacturing lines

A team from the Graphene Flagship has reported a new way of integrating 2D materials into semiconductor manufacturing lines.

Could seawater be an alternative to mined raw materials in batteries?

A circular economy around coastal areas could see metals from seawater transformed into a replacement for mined raw materials in batteries.

Sustainable building material made from water treatment sludge

Scientists have improved the sustainability of building materials by combining sludge from water plants with clay to create durable ceramics.

Magnetic graphene sheds new light on superconductivity in 2D materials

Researchers have identified a form of magnetism in ‘magnetic graphene’, which could help us understand superconductivity in 2D materials.

Plastic use in Spain’s greenhouse industry has polluted local seagrass beds

Plastic production in Spain has led to microplastics leaking into the surrounding environment, polluting the Mediterranean seagrass beds.

Identification of O2 formation: enabling O-redox technology in Li-ion batteries

Dr Robert House from the University of Oxford discusses how the identification of O2 formation and its role in voltage hysteresis will inform and direct future material design efforts towards enabling O-redox technology in the next generation of Li-ion batteries

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