Raw Materials Summit

Register now for the Raw Materials Summit 2023

Innovation News Network is delighted to announce that we are a Media Partner for the upcoming Raw Materials Summit in Brussels from 15-17 May,...
water-based lubricant

Water-based lubricant provides new pathway for electric vehicle lubrication

TotalEnergies water-based lubricant provides a paradigm-shifting advancement for electric vehicle lubrication.
Clean hydrogen production

Budget23: Supporting clean hydrogen production in Canada

The budget will enable Canada to compete globally against other countries that are accelerating clean hydrogen production.

Phoenix Tailings begin production at US’ first rare earth refinery

Phoenix Tailings uses the rare earth refinery to meet critical supply chain demands by refining rare earth metals in the US.

Pulsar Helium: Committed to advancing helium projects and furthering the helium supply chain

Pulsar Helium is developing its North American helium projects to bring stability and supply diversity to the industry.

What makes long-term research projects valuable?

Learn more about the nature of innovation and the value and challenges of long-term research projects with the Graphene Flagship.
hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles

How hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles will revolutionise the transport industry

Innovation News Network brings you the ultimate guide to zero-emission, hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles.
Hydrogen generators

Affordable and efficient hydrogen production on site and on demand

The technical team at Element 1 has achieved the most compact and highest-efficiency hydrogen generator available today.
Environmental data

Linking environmental data with business decisions to reduce agriculture’s impact on the environment

The assessment of environmental data is arguably the most effective way to reduce carbon emissions within agriculture.
Identity management

Time to act: How innovating identity management helps close cybersecurity gaps

Embracing new approaches, such as ITDR, helps ensure that organisations are protected against identity-based attacks.