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Recharge Industries launches takeover bid for Britishvolt Gigafactory

Recharge Industries has made a bid for Britishvolt that could see plans for the UK's first Gigagfactory come to fruition.

Hydrogen engine technology accelerated through €40m EIB funding

The PUNCH Group has been awarded €40m in funding by the European Investment Bank (EIB) to advance hydrogen engine technology.

The year ahead: Electric vehicle technology trends

Dr Hadi Moztarzadeh details the impact the economic climate will have on automotive production and demand globally.

New smart EV charging system could save consumers up to £1,000 a year

Thanks to plans for a new EV charging system, UK electric vehicle owners are set to benefit from lower energy bills and cheaper motoring.

Electric cars could cut transportation costs for 90% of households

Results from a University of Michigan study suggest that 90% of households in the US could save money by transitioning to electric cars.

SwRI to retrofit hydrogen engine-powered heavy-duty vehicle

A new project pioneered at SwRI will convert a Class 8 heavy-duty vehicle into zero-emission mobility using a hydrogen engine.

Test driving an electric vehicle may influence uptake

Researchers from Ohio State University have found that test driving an electric vehicle may increase the likelihood of purchase.

Can electric vehicle conversion lead the race to net zero?

Discover how electric vehicle conversion can help us successfully navigate the transition to E-mobility worldwide.

Electric car sales reduce air pollution and mortality in the US

Growing electric car sales are helping to reduce air pollution and human mortality in the US significantly.

Gallium Nitride: Powering the vehicles of the future

Discover VisIC Technologies' innovations in Gallium Nitride technology which is set to transform the automotive industry.

How the UK automotive sector is driving EV battery innovation

Christopher Jones of the Advanced Propulsion Centre outlines their recent report on the UK’s capabilities to produce EV batteries.

The sustainable future of batteries in Europe rests on a developed recycling industry

A robust European battery recycling market is crucial to upkeep competition with foreign markets and meet the need for batteries after 2030.

How can e-mobility increase energy efficiency in road transport?

The streamSAVE project is developing a streamlined methodology for the evaluation of electric vehicle energy efficiency.

Harnessing the power of solar energy in the transport sector

Green Energy / mipv.pro is decarbonising transport through pioneering technology that enables vehicles to reap the benefits of solar energy.

How harnessing onboard vehicle data advances the transition to electric transportation

Discover how analysing onboard vehicle data using explainable Artificial Intelligence can help advance electric transportation.

Are electric cars tackling climate change?

EIP's Kate Munro discusses how the current cost-of living crisis coupled with a desire to tackle climate change, has encouraged consumers to buy and use electric cars.

Wireless charging systems provide new innovations in the electric vehicle industry

The need to plug in EVs will be phased out, with drivers simply needing to align their vehicles with ground pads for automatic wireless charging.

University of Warwick receives £1m grant to cultivate future engineers for electric cars

The University of Warwick has received £1m in funding to launch a new programme develop the next generation of engineers for electric cars.

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As e-mobility grows in popularity, the issues surrounding EV transport – including charging infrastructure, battery safety, sustainable disposal of EV batteries and the need to source increasing amounts of lithium and other component materials ethically – become more pressing.

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Improving electric vehicle battery safety with calorimetry

In the latest eBook from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Dr Carlos Ziebert, Head of the IAM-AWP Calorimeter Center discusses the role of calorimetry in improving electric vehicle battery safety. The European Commission’s ‘Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy‘ aims to reduce carbon emissions by 90% by 2050. A key...

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Improving lithium-ion battery safety for electric vehicles

In this latest eBook from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Dr Carlos Ziebert, Head of the Calorimeter Center, discusses the importance of improving lithium-ion battery safety for electric vehicles, and the significant role that calorimetry plays in this. With the announcement of the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy that...

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Rapidly developing battery minerals by connecting electric vehicle end users upstream

To accelerate access by the electric vehicle (EV) industry to desperately needed battery minerals, QX Resources is directly linking the end users to multiple ‘upstream’...

Examining the potential of magnet rare earths at the Makuutu Rare Earth Project

Tim Harrison, Managing Director and CEO of Ionic Rare Earths Limited, discusses the Makuutu Rare Earth Project and its magnet rare earths potential. Ionic Rare...

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As EV battery demand continues to rise, manufacturers are turning to recycling innovation to meet lithium supply shortages. For electric vehicles (EVs) to successfully become...

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First Hydrogen expands its design of zero-emission vehicles

First Hydrogen Corp has selected EDAG Group as its design styling partner for its next generation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Galvanic Energy receives prestigious Vanguard Award

The Vanguard Award was given in light of Galvanic’s commitments to environmental stewardship, including EV and energy storage.

US’ lithium production could be greatly increased by new Inflation Reduction Act

Galvanic reflect on how the new Inflation Reduction Act could accelerate the US’ lithium production, as the country plans to dominate the EV industry.

QPM strikes $69m deal with General Motors as part of sustainable electric vehicle development

Queensland Pacific Metals have signed an agreement with General Motors to support the demand for sustainable electric vehicle production.