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French Government finance €114m for McPhy Gigafactory project

The French Government will provide €114m in funding to McPhy Energy to ramp up the development of its Gigafactory project.

Addressing EV charging costs with solar power

University of South Australia researchers have unveiled that using solar panels can help reduce the costs of EV charging.

Tackling electric vehicle challenges with a new battery electrode

Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin are addressing the biggest challenges currently facing EVs by creating a new type of lithium-ion battery electrode.

Affordable electric cars are essential for achieving 2030 goals in the US

If affordable electric cars do not become more available for consumers, the US is unlikely to achieve its 2030 EV coverage goals.

Quantum sensors accurately predict electric vehicle range capacity

Scientist have pioneered a cutting-edge technique using diamond quantum sensors that accurately estimates electric vehicle range.

Pride EV charging stations are driving North America’s electrification

Pride EV's EV charging infrastructure addresses the main challenges facing commercial fleets looking to make the transition to electric.

Last mile sustainability versus last mile reality

EVMI Solutions' Matthew Firmston-Williams outlines the company's answer to overcoming the barriers facing an efficient last mile delivery.

Inside the largest electric vehicle battery recycling facility in Europe

The Innovation Platform takes a look under the bonnet of Hydrovolt – Europe's largest electric vehicle battery recycling plant and how it will spark...

Hydrogen power can redesign the automotive industry

Discover how fully harnessing the potential of hydrogen power can drive the future of the automotive industry.

Sudbury’s critical minerals expertise can drive Canada’s electric vehicle industry

Learn how Sudbury’s abundance of critical minerals, mining expertise, and manufacturing prowess can take advantage of the upcoming EV supply.

BP invests £50m in new electric vehicle battery testing centre

BP announce its £50m investment in new global battery research and development centre in UK, expected to open in 2024. BP has unveiled plans to...

Britishvolt Gigaplant in Northumberland receives final grant offer

The UK government has presented Britishvolt, a leading battery technology development company, with a final grant offer through the Automotive Transformation Fund for its...

Lake Resources: Supplying high-quality lithium for the EV market

As the world endeavours to deliver on its green energy ambitions, Lake Resources explains how it is set to meet the demand for high-quality...

General Motors and Livent: Using lithium hydroxide in EV production

Livent’s battery-grade lithium hydroxide, made primarily from lithium extracted at its brine-based operations in South America, is to be utilised in the production of...

Quebec’s role in the battery metals supply chain

Pierre Fitzgibbon, Quebec’s Minister of Economy and Innovation and Minister Responsible for Regional Economic Development, discusses Quebec's role in the north American battery supply...

Driving the green revolution: The use of copper in EVs

Colin Bennett, Market Intelligence Director at the International Copper Association, shares his thoughts on the increasing use of copper in the EV industry. Despite the...

Magnet materials refiner to secure the UK’s magnet metals supply chain

The announcement of funding for the UK’s first magnet materials refiner, alongside the publication of Britain’s first Critical Minerals Strategy, is paving the way...

Fast charging networks: Supporting the EV revolution

Andrew Phillips, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of Lithium Power International, explores plans for fast-charging networks to support the rapidly increasing demand for...

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As e-mobility grows in popularity, the issues surrounding EV transport – including charging infrastructure, battery safety, sustainable disposal of EV batteries and the need to source increasing amounts of lithium and other component materials ethically – become more pressing.

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Improving electric vehicle battery safety with calorimetry

In the latest eBook from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Dr Carlos Ziebert, Head of the IAM-AWP Calorimeter Center discusses the role of calorimetry in improving electric vehicle battery safety. The European Commission’s ‘Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy‘ aims to reduce carbon emissions by 90% by 2050. A key...

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Improving lithium-ion battery safety for electric vehicles

In this latest eBook from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Dr Carlos Ziebert, Head of the Calorimeter Center, discusses the importance of improving lithium-ion battery safety for electric vehicles, and the significant role that calorimetry plays in this. With the announcement of the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy that...

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Examining the potential of magnet rare earths at the Makuutu Rare Earth Project

Tim Harrison, Managing Director and CEO of Ionic Rare Earths Limited, discusses the Makuutu Rare Earth Project and its magnet rare earths potential. Ionic Rare...

Exploring the diverse applications of lithium and its future innovation potential

Donald S. Bubar, President and CEO of Avalon Advanced Materials Inc., discusses the vast applications of lithium as well as its potential for further...

Meeting global EV battery demand with battery recycling innovation

As EV battery demand continues to rise, manufacturers are turning to recycling innovation to meet lithium supply shortages. For electric vehicles (EVs) to successfully become...

Financing green technologies for a sustainable future

Lithium Power International’s Andrew Phillips discusses the environmental and economic benefits of investing in green technologies. Investing in green technologies is essential to ensuring the...

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Aeramentum Resources Limited launch its initial public offering

Australian Mineral Exploration company Aeramentum Resources Limited, launched its initial public offering on the Australian Securities Exchange on 17 May, 2022. Aeramentum owns the Treasure...

First Hydrogen UK Limited appoints a new chief executive officer

Steve Gill has been appointed as director of First Hydrogen UK Limited and as Chief Executive Officer of its automotive division. What is First Hydrogen...

First Hydrogen will deliver on hydrogen refuelling stations

First Hydrogen establishes 'NETZEROH2' subsidiary to roll out hydrogen refuelling stations. Vancouver, B.C., January 12, 2022 – Vancouver, British Columbia – First Hydrogen Corp. (“FIRST...

International Lithium Association (ILiA) welcomes new members

The global voice of the lithium industry, International Lithium Association, welcomes 12 new Associate Members. International Lithium Association (ILiA), the new not-for-profit trade body representing...