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US Department of Energy invests $54m into microelectronics research

A substantial $54m in funding has been awarded by the US Department of Energy (DOE) to advance the next generation of microelectronics.

New method achieves unprecedented accuracy in quantum computers

Researchers have devised an innovative method for optimising the accuracy of quantum computers, a significant limitation of the technology.

Novel partnership established to advance the Internet of Things research

The Discovery Park District and Purdue University SMART Consortium have combined forces to enhance the Internet of Things research.

First UK autonomous drone delivery network receives STFC funding

The STFC has announced that the UK’s first autonomous drone delivery network will become its 100th space technology start-up.

US Department of Energy grants $1.2m to enhance 5G technology

The US DOE has revealed that they are financing $1.2m to significantly advance 5G technology with artificial intelligence (AI).

Substantial funding awarded to advance quantum science research

Researchers at Cornell University has been awarded a significant sum of research funding to enhance our understanding of quantum science.

Ending cyberattacks with post-quantum cryptography computer chip

Scientists have made significant progress in combatting cyberattacks, developing a computer chip that utilises post-quantum cryptography.

New pioneering research centre for 6G technology launching in UK

A revolutionary 6G technology centre is being launched in the UK, ensuring cutting-edge 6G research, innovation, and education.

US Army researchers enhance vehicle cybersecurity with machine-learning

Researchers have developed an innovative machine learning technique that provides significantly more robust cybersecurity for vehicles.

New wireless charging device re-energises several appliances at once

The advancement of a novel transmitter may potentially revolutionise wireless charging by re-energising multiple devices simultaneously.

Advancements in solid-state-based quantum computer development 

Researchers have made significant progress in developing stable European industry-scale fabrication value chains for solid-state-based quantum computer development. 

Groundbreaking autonomous mobile robot charges electric vehicles 

A novel mobile charging robot developed by Graz University of Technology, ALVERI and ARTI Robots, independently seeks out parked electric vehicles and supplies them with energy. This development aims to promote the widespread use of e-mobility. 

Advancing medical care with 3D-printed tissue scaffolds

UK scientists have developed 3D-printed tissue scaffolds that provide efficient tissue regeneration once implanted and harmlessly biodegrade.

Using Artificial Intelligence to analyse big data from astronomy surveys

Japanese researchers at have developed a groundbreaking method to mitigate the effects of shape noise in astronomy surveys.

Enhancing information storage with the world’s smallest technology

Researchers have manufactured the world's smallest technology – just two atoms thick – creating new methods of storing information.

US researchers make a breakthrough in future nanorobot technology

Researchers have identified specialised self-propelled, microscopic particles that may be perfect for future nanorobot technology.

Combatting the illegal timber trade with blockchain operating platform

The illegal timber trade causes devastation worldwide; now, iov43 have developed a blockchain operating platform to eradicate it.

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