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Advancing Industrial Internet of Things cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence

Read about the new 5G-enabled AI-based malware classification system that optimises cybersecurity for the Industrial Internet of Things.

Combatting electronic waste with biodegradable circuit boards

A research team has innovated groundbreaking biodegradable circuit boards that look to solve the growing problem of electronic waste.

“Quantum bus” innovation potentially makes quantum computers scalable

Experts have developed a “quantum bus” that may enhance the capabilities of quantum computers, making them scalable.

Autonomous vehicle driven by most advanced AI model to date

Experts have innovated an Artificial Intelligence (AI) model that simultaneously handles the perception and control of an autonomous vehicle.

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Hydrogen powered vehicles: a fast-emerging market

As global leader in the field of hydrogen powered vehicles, First Hydrogen is in a unique position to capitalise on this growing market. As distinguished...

Mitigating cyber-attacks with cybersecurity awareness, programmes, and technology

Mark Brown, Global Managing Director at BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience, discusses cybersecurity awareness, challenges in the industry and the development of a comprehensive...

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Next-generation atomic clocks: Advancing quantum technology

A research team from Birmingham University, a part of the UK Quantum Technology Hub Sensors and Timing, has developed next-generation atomic clocks. A research team of...

New state of matter designed to prevent errors in quantum computers

A consortium of researchers from the University of British Columbia (UBC), Quantinuum, and New York’s Flatiron Institute has demonstrated a phase of matter that...

£273m funding to revolutionise UK’s aerospace innovation technologies

The UK government has announced today – 18 July 2022 – a £273m investment into revolutionising the UK's aerospace innovation technologies. The UK government’s most...

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