Innovative mobility and roadside control systems

    Brisa Inovação e Tecnologia has spent more than two decades supplying critical roadside control systems for more than 1,200 tolling lanes, 250 motorway lanes and 120 parking lots in Portugal, the Netherlands and the United States of America.

    The company provides a variety of innovative mobility solutions, including:

    • Tolling systems;
    • Tunnel automation technology;
    • Parking systems;
    • Fuel station integration;
    • Automotive payment systems; and
    • Maritime ferries services.

    Having recently adopted a new brand, A-to-Be, the company continues to grow and innovate to meet the new challenges that arise from the constant evolution of global mobility needs.

    This includes a focus on people-centric solutions; from payment services to operations technology, the future of mobility will respond to the needs of consumers. In recognition of these developments, A-to-Be’s new motto is ‘Mobility Beyond’, reinforcing its desire to combine expertise with innovative ideas to create seamless, human experiences.

    How is A-to-Be changing mobility?

    A-to-Be has provided roadside systems which process some 450 million transactions per year, and over 1 billion cars are detected annually through its road sensors and devices. In this booklet, the company outlines all of the mobility services in its new portfolio and details their many applications, ensuring that smart city managers, road operators and public transport officials can find the perfect solution for their needs.

    The company also makes the case for toll schemes that focus on congestion management and access control rather than on collecting revenue, and the role that these can play alongside more technologically motivated mobility as a service (MaaS) innovations.

    This can address some of the key challenges of mobility as a service, some of which are outlined in this booklet, including the potential reluctance of older people to take up more novel solutions, in favour of more traditional modes of transportation, such as their own cars.

    With new investors and a clear international strategy for the company, A-to-Be will continue to grow, and provide people-oriented solutions, maintaining innovation as a central concern in Brisa group.

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