Addressing the complexities of the lithium supply chain

    From sustainable processes to extraction technologies, this comprehensive eBook is comprised of expert advice and comments addressing each component of the lithium supply chain.

    As global efforts to achieve a greener future gain pace, the spotlight is shining on one particular element which is heavily relied on for green technologies and cleaner transport – lithium. A vital component of electric vehicles and energy storage applications, lithium is a hugely sought-after mineral in the age of the global energy transition.

    Supply and demand

    Whilst demand for lithium is high and ever increasing, the supply of lithium is where the major challenges lie. Currently, lithium development only occurs in a very small number of areas. However, as advancements in extraction technologies progress and many countries realise the need to develop their own domestic supplies, the lithium market is poised to accelerate on a rapid trajectory in the near future. This eBook will explore this concept in further detail, looking at the efforts of several key organisations in the field and their work in strengthening the supply chain.

    Echoing the sentiments outlined above, Anand Sheth, Founding Chairman of the International Lithium Association (ILiA), authors the Foreword for this publication. He outlines the key challenges facing the lithium industry and explains how ILiA is working to ensure that crucial requirements, including ESG criteria, are adhered to. You will find further contribution from ILiA on page 18, where the organisation addresses how it is supporting the industry’s commitment to supplying responsibly sourced lithium.

    Elsewhere in the publication, you will find features from:

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