Hands-free push-to-talk devices for any situation

    AINA Wireless is based in Finland, and has combined engineers and international business professionals with more than 20 years’ experience in industry, emergency services and the military, to develop hands-free push-to-talk devices for every eventuality.

    These hands-free push-to-talk devices are rugged and loud, and utilise high-speed mobile broadband. They combine practicality with the versatility of modern communication technology.

    What are the advantages of push-to-talk devices?

    This booklet explains that hands-free accessories are vital for critical communications because they allow the user to do their job and stay connected, particularly in dangerous, high-pressure situations where a mobile phone – even a ruggedised device – is unsuitable.

    Hands-free push-to-talk devices work like a walkie-talkie accessory but are connected via Bluetooth to an iOS or Android smartphone, and the device can remote control functions such as phone calls, emergency alerts and channel switching, so that users can operate the phone without removing it from their pocket.

    What are the advantages of AINA’s devices?

    AINA’s IP Communicator device connects to the global long-term evolution (LTE) mesh network, which allows it to remain connected even when commercial networks have broken down, making it especially viable for emergency response to terrorist attacks or natural disasters.

    In addition, the IP Communicator combines many of the benefits of professional communication networks, including:

    • Easy interoperability between agencies;
    • Voice messages can be sent with end-to-end encryption;
    • Users can be geo-located in the event of a man-down, hostage or other urgent situation;
    • Open-source technology makes it compatible with many different public safety apps: and
    • Offers cloud computing capability for face recognition and telemetry.

    The booklet offers a number of key examples of practical applications for AINA’s hands-free push-to-talk devices, including defence, counter-terrorism and public safety. An additional advantage of push-to-talk accessories is that they are always ready – in an emergency situations in which a police officer has only seconds to call for backup, push-to-talk devices offer a much faster response than a phone call.

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