Microfiltration for cleaner, safer air

    Poor air quality can cause short- and long-term health conditions, from minor irritation to the lungs, eyes and skin, all the way up to an increased risk of cancer, cardiovascular conditions and strokes.

    In addition to outdoor air pollution, indoor air pollution caused by harmful chemicals, smoke from burning fuels, poor ventilation and damp can pose significant hazards to those who encounter it. Microfiltration of indoor air removes particles, pollutants and bad smells to optimise air quality.

    Smart Separations, one of the Guardian’s start-ups of the year 2014, uses a patented process to produce a cost-effective, efficient ceramic microfilter. Its dual missions are to “improve quality of life through innovation” and become the world’s leader in microfiltration and particle separation technology. Since its inception in 2013, Smart Separations has worked towards developing its air quality filter technology to provide efficient, cost-effective microfiltration solutions, while creating manufacturing jobs in the EU.

    Air quality versus air pollution

    In this eBook Smart Separations lays out the need for microfiltration to combat outdoor and indoor air pollution, the advantages of its proprietary ceramic filter technology, and the revolutionary design that allows it to integrate into areas of environmental concern. Its focus is particularly in the field of indoor air pollution, both through improving indoor air quality and – in the longer term – through reducing industrial emissions.

    This eBook covers:

    • Air pollution: why bother? Smart Separations has a range of statistics and diagrams to explain why.
    • How does indoor air pollution affect me? The health and climate risks posed by outdoor air pollution are well documented, but indoor pollution can be just as hazardous to the health.
    • Membrane of the future – Smart Separations’ radical microfiltration system has a range of air quality applications; but the first to make it to market is their “smart” air filter.
    • Advantages of our technology – laying out the benefits of ceramic-based filters over traditional, fibre-based filters.

    Images and text courtesy of Imaginfires report, UK Indoor air pollution facts & statistics 2018 (https://www.imaginfires.co.uk/blog/air-pollution/).

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