Mimicking real-life antimicrobial scenarios

    Perfectus Biomed Limited, a UKAS accredited testing laboratory, represents the new wave of scientific businesses.

    Perfectus Biomed has extensive experience of developing ‘fit for purpose’ experiments that truly mimic ‘real-life’ antimicrobial scenarios. An example of this is in the area of biofilms, where they ensure that their approach adequately reflects the fact that 80% of bacteria exist in this form.

    Within the healthcare and environmental sectors, Perfectus Biomed specialises in understanding the client company’s needs intimately, and assessing the ideal assay methodology that will generate the most meaningful result. They do this whilst balancing an academically sound, highly credible approach with the need for commercial efficiency.

    Support for antimicrobial producers

    Their focus on meaningful outcomes ensures that their customers return time and again. Their aim is to support companies who produce antimicrobial agents, by producing in vitro data that mimics real-world scenarios.

    Their mission is ‘to improve quality of life through the provision of exceptional customised microbiological services’. Perfectus Biomed supports six key sectors with customised test methods and specialises in biofilm testing. The studies in the six sectors include:

    • Wound care;
    • Medical devices;
    • Dentistry;
    • Household care and surface antimicrobials;
    • Contact lenses; and
    • Non-sterile manufacturing.

    As this booklet discusses, Perfectus works with a range of microbial companies from SMEs to blue chips with a constant focus on delivering a tailored service to each client. Data generated by Perfectus is used to support the research and development of new products and to support clients in their decisions regarding formulation differentiation.

    Support is also provided for regulatory submissions, competitor testing, and for product marketing.

    Another key aspect within this booklet is the European Wound Management Association’s discussion of medical problems and the over-use of antibiotics and antimicrobials, which looks at fighting antibiotic resistance and cost-effective wound management.

    Perfectus Biomed are experts in customised testing. Supporting antimicrobial, biofilm, viral and fungal research.

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