How enterprise architecture can drive military efficiency

    Advanced Systems Understanding Limited (AsystsU Ltd) is a UK-based company that specialises in enterprise architecture and organisational optimisation for businesses, to support the achievement of business objectives.

    It performs deep analyses of enterprise architecture, processes and resources to enable evidence-based decisions regarding the allocation of future financing. This is particularly valuable for streamlining military operations, as is demonstrated by the company’s partnership with the UK’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) and its efforts advising NATO.

    AsystsU’s enterprise architecture expertise has been employed by the MoD, a partnership which has proved considerably successful for both organisations. It has also been instrumental in contributing to the practical implementation of NATO’s enterprise architecture framework for nations and NATO HQs.

    How can enterprise architecture affect military operations?

    The next generation of military enterprise architecture aims to provide dynamic, engineered and substantiated information for all activities conducted by militaries, both in times of peace and in preparing for operations.

    This booklet provides a case study of the specialist technical support AsystsU offers to the MoD, detailing the types of analysis the company provides and how these can streamline the organisational structure of militaries.

    For the MoD, AsystsU created a relational database which captures information on a variety of military activities. This comprehensive data on activity includes information on:

    • The people performing it;
    • The tools they utilise;
    • The information they create and exchange; and
    • The process that draws the other elements together.

    The database effectively ‘learns’ as it gathers more information, and then can be referred to, and can create significant benefits to efficiency.

    How does AsystsU streamline enterprise architecture?

    AsystsU has been advising NATO for a number of years to mature its collective approach to architecture. Support begins with the provision of military capability, and traces the information flow between personnel to map the provision of communications service.

    This enables the architecture to identify exactly which equipment will deal with what information, using which format and between which personnel for each nation. This process lays the foundations for truly collaborative coalition operations.

    AsystsU aims to remain experts in delivering the most consistent and highest quality provision of tailored ‘system-of-systems’ engineering and enterprise architecture consultancy, and to deliver the best support through a holistic process of analysing, understanding and empowering clients with the knowledge to achieve both long-term and short-term objectives.

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