Autodrive: the transport of the future

    Autodrive deals in mobility safety and the development of autonomous vehicle technology, working towards safer and cleaner transport solutions.

    Autodrive has identified what it believes to be the most pressing issues currently facing road and rail transport, including road and rail safety concerns; vehicle mobility in dense urban areas; electric vehicle range anxiety; and the limited capacity of public transport. It aims to address all these issues through the application of its safety systems for autonomous and traditional transport options, utilising its disruptive technology and unique perspective to provide mobility to society while promoting sustainability and clean energy.

    Autodrive’s technology

    By implementing ultra-accurate positioning and orientation technology, Autodrive aims to provide drivers with up to 200 extra metres of safe guidance, allowing for improved stopping distances and reaction times. Meanwhile Autodrive’s electronic guidance coupling technology permits electric cars to recharge their batteries while in transit, using ultra-accurate positioning to enable vehicles equipped with charging technology to follow closely behind vehicles which need to be charged. Not only does this have the potential to drastically reduce the size of the batteries equipped in electric cars, it could also significantly diminish the risk of traffic jams and bottlenecks at vehicle charging points.

    Autodrive proposes that many of the problems which it has identified facing the rail industry could be addressed through judicial application of vehicle perception and positioning systems developed by Autodrive.

    This eBook also includes:

    • Solutions to improving autonomous vehicles’ perception of their environment;
    • Recommendations for a centralised traffic system in smart cities;
    • An overview of Autodrive’s revolutionary vehicle positioning technology;
    • Potential applications of radar positioning technologies developed by Autodrive;
    • The role of intelligent and autonomous transport in smart cities;
    • Examples of smart city applications currently in development; and
    • The role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in gathering smart city data.
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