Energy efficient solutions for military applications

    BAE Systems is a global defence, aerospace and security company which is a major manufacturer of military equipment and which employs more than 83,000 people in over 40 countries.

    BAE Systems is dedicated to improving the energy efficiency of its customers, and its products cover land, sea and air applications.

    The company has designed a suite of systems which integrate energy consumption and performance data, condition-based monitoring, weather routing, vibration analysis, equipment power signature and prime mover management systems to determine the optimal operating state for the whole platform.


    In this booklet, the company outlines its Ship Energy Assessment System (SEAS) and Ship Energy Assessment, Condition Optimisation and Routing Enhancement System (SEA-CORES), which facilitate vital and comprehensive energy optimisation for vessels.

    The booklet details a number of applications for the SEAS and SEA-CORES systems, and also explains BAE Systems’ commitment to driving up energy efficiency for its customers, and the associated cost and environmental benefits.

    The systems can offer up to a 28% fuel saving, which increases capability and reduces emissions without increasing cost. They also offer a rapid decision aid with a single-page view of fuel consumption and visual impact analysis of changes to operating profile.

    Deployed energy management systems

    BAE Systems’ efforts to improve energy efficiency are not limited to the maritime sector, with BAE’s Deployed Energy Management System (DEMS) offering a rapidly deployable power management and microgrid system to satisfy land-based energy needs.

    The DEMS offers a number of benefits, including:

    • Compatibility with defence and commercial generators;
    • Simple retrofitting into existing power architectures;
    • Secure communications and remote system control;
    • Possible integration of any renewable source, including wind and solar; and
    • Providing real-time load monitoring.

    The booklet also details BAE Systems’ partnerships with the UK Ministry of Defence and the Royal Navy. The company provides real-time data about the impact of fuel efficiency measures, which can help to reduce fuel consumption and wear on engines in military situations.

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