The CABMM’s expertise ranges from bench to bedside and back again

    The Competence Center for Applied Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine (CABMM) was founded in 2008 and is dedicated to developing advances in clinically oriented research in the fields of regenerative medicine, experimental medicine and surgery, applied biotechnology, and molecular medicine.

    Embedded within both the VetSuisse and Medical Faculties of Zurich University, the centre provides an inter-disciplinary research platform on which basic scientists and clinicians can exchange scientific information, and create collaborations for developing novel therapeutic approaches for the treatment of dysfunctional and diseased tissues.

    In 2018 the CABMM celebrated its tenth anniversary. What began with a small nucleus of three innovative groups now consists of 77 CABMM members and their teams of more than 200 postdocs, PhD and Doctorate Students.

    This booklet discusses the journey of those founders through to their handing over to the next generation of leaders.

    The concept of CABMM

    The Competence Center for Applied Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine provides a stimulating environment for interdisciplinary and translational research, promoting scientific exchange and collaborations between basic and clinical researchers. Throughout this booklet the success of the centre is described along with its concepts and aims.

    This booklet covers areas including:

    • The CABMM network and areas of expertise;
    • The aims and fundamental ideas being to perform, co-ordinate, and promote research;
    • Different areas in the field of medicine, such as – experimental medicine and surgery, molecular medicine, and regenerative medicine;
    • The application field of applied biotechnology;
    • The research platform – with the aim of promoting scientific collaborations, between clinicians and basic research, and to extend and optimise methodological knowhow and use of specific infrastructure; and
    • The CABMM start-up grant – a peer reviewed funding programme designed to support collaborations in research products and strengthen the network.

    The centre’s achievements are described as a success story of scientists who are capable of working together with a true mission of improving medicine for the patients – humans and animals alike

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