CardLab Innovation develops intelligent cards for smarter security

    CardLab Innovation was established in 2003, and became a separate company in 2006 with the aim of providing intelligent cards to improve security and fight fraud.

    The company produces integrated microelectronics for intelligent cards, including embedded fingerprint sensors for authentication, through which it fights increasing fraud and identity theft, and the costs these problems cause for companies and individuals.

    Through over ten years of research and development, CardLab Innovation has ascended to become a world-leading technology provider of high-security, cost-effective and convenient finance, access and ID card solutions.

    How do intelligent cards combat fraud?

    CardLab’s secure solutions can be seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructure, saving huge costs in implementation, and the level of security they offer is scalable to offer the exact level of security for each application.

    As this booklet details, CardLab offers a range of products and services with advanced security features and functionality, including:

    • Communication controlled RFID cards;
    • Skimming protection of magstripe and contactless cards;
    • All-in-one card solutions including smartphone geolocation for authentication;
    • Biometric cards with fingerprint authentication; and
    • Card development, consultancy and production services.

    What’s more, CardLab’s intelligent cards use patterns familiar to end users, meaning that the security improvements they offer provide a minimum of disruption to current operations.

    What security issues can CardLab address?

    The expanding nature of the Internet of Things means that everything is becoming more connected and more convenient. However, it also means devices are ever more vulnerable to fraudulent activity, and new security solutions will need to emerge to meet these challenges.

    For CardLab, this means finding a level of symbiosis between online and offline security. For the most comprehensive security, CardLab’s ‘all-in-one’ connected card combines a cloud solution, a smartphone app and a connected card which communicated with the app via BLE.

    This product also helps to prevent fraud by correlating the position of the smartphone and the position of the card via GPS, to issue warnings to banks of suspected fraudulent use. Additionally, the card can be combined with a fingerprint sensor to offer the ultimate level of security.

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