CardLab: unique expertise and pioneering security solutions

    Denmark-based security innovation firm CardLab offers a range of technological solutions to shore up card security.

    As technology and the Internet of Things have become increasingly ubiquitous, cyberattacks and data breaches have become more prevalent and more egregious. As data systems become more and more centralised, businesses and consumers must take measures to protect their data; not only from traditional brute force hacks, but also from new and evolving threats such as phishing, social engineering and the ever-present risk of human error – particularly as more and more businesses and public bodies collect and retain their users’ biometric data.

    CardLab’s secure card authentication solution aims to provide a paradigm shift within the digital security sector, offering a biometrically locked card which exists entirely outside of the ‘hacker space’. The card, which remains offline until it is activated in order to minimise contact with unsavoury elements, can only be unlocked with a user’s unique fingerprint. Instead of holding user data in itself, the card creates ‘tokens’ which the user can share at their leisure once they have fully authenticated their identity. CardLab further offers a connected app and security platform, as well as full user customisability.

    CardLab offers a range of biometric and connected secure card options with a variety of distinct characteristics for different end use purposes, including blockchain encryption, e-government capability, protection against RFID skimming and effective detection of fraud attempts and RFID fields. All card solutions are fully compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and second Payment Services Directive; and several of CardLab’s patented card technology innovations are already in use by international card issuers and financial institutions around the world.

    In this eBook, CardLab details the range and depth of cybersecurity threats both to businesses and consumers and the multitude of solutions to these threats offered by CardLab’s extensive range of uniquely secure card technology.

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