CBD market research: BDS Analytics explores the market

    BDS Analytics is the world’s foremost CBD market research firm, providing data insights and business intelligence across the industry.

    As the legal cultivation and use of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes becomes more prevalent, products containing cannabis and its derivatives are enjoying a market surge. Sales of the cannabis-derived non-psychoactive compound CBD, which has been used to treat an array of diseases and conditions, reached $1.9bn (€1.71bn) in 2018; and are expected to rise to $20bn (€17.98bn) by 2024.

    CBD, formally known as Cannabidiol, is one of over 100 compounds found in cannabis. Unlike THC, it does not produce a ‘high’ in users; and consequently the use of CBD to treat and alleviate symptoms of conditions including epilepsy, mental illness, psoriasis and herpes is increasingly widespread. As the therapeutic potential of CBD has become more evident, more and more CBD-infused products have become available, from food and drink to skincare to pet products. In 2018, more than 10% of all dispensary sales in the USA were CBD products.

    Responding to the burgeoning growth of the CBD product industry, BDS Analytics has produced a white paper, aimed at providing a clear and comprehensive picture of the current and future states of the CBD market and the opportunities it offers.

    This eBook includes:

    • A comprehensive oversight of the emergence and history of CBD as a viable product, its structure and potential medicinal applications; and its growing presence in the dispensary market;
    • Detailed insight on the demographics of CBD consumers, including information on both how and why patients and recreational users consume cannabis-derived products; and
    • Future projections for CBD market expansion, regulation and consumption.

    BDS Analytics’ GreenEdge™ platform provides world leading consumer research, market tracking data and industry intelligence for professionals interested in creating and developing a successful cannabis or CBD business.

    For more information on BDS please visit https://bdsanalytics.com

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