Repurposed surplus steel is greener steel

    Cleveland Steel & Tubes Ltd, which celebrates its 45th anniversary this year, is a leading supplier of surplus steel tubes to the construction industry.

    Cleveland Steel & Tubes Ltd supplies surplus steel to customers worldwide; and has provided construction materials for large scale projects including the London Olympic Stadium, the roof of Wimbledon Court and the London Eye. Along with its substantial contribution to reducing its clients’ carbon footprint and helping construction firms meet their sustainability commitments, the company prides itself on delivering high quality product with very short lead times, at competitive prices.

    The use of surplus steel in construction can deliver huge carbon savings, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions by comparison to newly milled steel. Despite the inherent environmental advantages of working with repurposed steel, however, surprisingly few construction firms consider surplus steel to be an option – in some cases this is due to excessive caution over building safety standards; in other cases there is simply a fundamental disconnect between parties tasked with promoting sustainability and those who regulate construction standards.

    How repurposed surplus steel benefits the construction industry

    In this eBook Roy Fishwick, managing director of Cleveland Steel & Tubes Ltd, highlights the advantages of surplus steel reuse within the circular economy; discusses the ways in which policymakers and legislators can promote the reuse of steel; and illustrates the main challenges facing Cleveland Steel & Tubes Ltd and the wider surplus steel industry.

    The eBook also covers:

    • The London Olympic Stadium – a case study in repurposed and surplus steel construction. Cleveland Steel & Tubes Ltd assisted in delivering construction of the stadium ahead of schedule, under budget; and with an impressively low carbon footprint.
    • Sustainability in practice – examining carbon and cost savings through material reuse when constructing a new warehouse.
    • Small changes leading to big gains – commitment to sustainability is embedded in the business culture of Cleveland Steel & Tubes Ltd; and the company is leading the charge to promote steel reuse in the construction sector.

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