A marine service provider offering fast, professional solutions

    Clever Marine Services (CMS) was established in 2009 on the Isle of Man as a marine service provider with a dedicated core team and up to 300 additional experts, to deliver fast and professional solutions at reasonable prices for a range of marine and maritime needs.

    As a marine service provider, CMS has flexibility to carry out a variety of vital inspections, and its team are qualified as marine engineers and mechanics, master mariners, superintendents, surveyors and NDT technicians with more than 20 years’ experience in the marine industry.

    What can Clever Marine Services do?

    Since the company’s inception, its engineers and technicians have carried out over 100 engine overhauls and repairs on diesel engines, over 90 ultrasonic thickness measurement (UTM) tests for class purposes and several non-destructive testing (NDT) surveys in accordance with requested standards.

    Its wide range of services includes:

    • Engine overhaul and repair;
    • UTM and NDT services;
    • Project management;
    • Superintendence;
    • Survey and consultancy; and
    • Headhunting of marine and offshore experts.

    These services are carried out by efficient, multi-skilled and highly motivated teams of engineers and technicians, and CMS also offers fast delivery and reasonable prices on high quality spare parts.

    How can CMS reduce the environmental impact of vessels?

    This booklet introduces the core members of the team and offers more detail on their extensive list of experience and qualifications. It also outlines how the state-of-the-art services that CMS provides can help to meet the EU’s ever higher standards for greener ships, blue oceans and minimal environmental impact.

    CMS’ engine overhaul process can reduce fuel and lube oil consumption and noise pollution, and improve vibration control; work on common rail diesels, bi-fuel engines and gas-fired engines can also be offered by long-term partners of the marine service provider. Its class approved UTM helps with corrosion management, and the company also offers consultancy to bring vessels in line with international standards.

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