A comprehensive battery recycling platform to support the rising demand for EVs

    In this new eBook, Cirba Solutions highlights how it is pioneering a circular economy for EV batteries through its world-renowned battery recycling expertise.

    The IEA reported that CO2 emissions in 2021 rebounded to their highest level in history. As a result of these increasing emissions, the frequency of extreme weather events due to climate change is increasing.

    The transport sector is one of the largest contributors of carbon emissions, with the US’ transport sector producing 27% of these emissions – double the global average. Due to this, more and more countries are setting targets to increase electric vehicle (EV) uptake, with the US aiming to make half of all new vehicles sold in 2030 carbon-free. These plans will produce significant growth in the EV industry, taking the number of zero-emission cars in the US from two million to 118 million by 2040.

    To ensure the increase of EV production, a supply of critical minerals is needed to manufacture EV batteries; however, demand for the materials – which is set to skyrocket by 2030 – will not match up with the supply of the materials.

    EV batteries can provide a solution for this, as they contain valuable materials, such as metals. With many batteries now reaching their end-of-life, there is the possibility to pioneer battery recycling solutions that re-introduce batteries into the value chain.

    In order to support EV manufacturers and develop a circular battery supply chain for the industry, Cirba Solutions is creating the most experienced and comprehensive battery management and materials platform. In order to empower an electric future, Cirba Solutions are seeking to optimise the circular economy model of battery recycling by reutilising materials in the marketplace. This method will ensure that the dependence of manufacturers on newly mined minerals will decrease.

    Topics in this eBook include:

    • The future of electrification;
    • How the Cirba Solutions recycling process will meet the demand for EV batteries;
    • How Cirba’s process is different other battery recycling methods; and
    • The company’s expansion process and the opening of new facilities.

    About Cirba Solutions

    For 30 years, Cirba Solutions have led the battery recycling industry through its services, processing, and material upgrading. Today, as the most knowledgeable and diverse battery management and materials company, Cirba are witnessing the growth of the electrification age. Servicing over 7,000 customers to date, and having recycled hundreds of millions of pounds over the course of their history, they are leading the battery lifecycle legacy.

    Cirba’s core focus is contributing to the circular economy, which recycles used materials and reintroduces them back into the value chain for reuse. By recirculating reclaimed materials back into the manufacturing marketplace, the company reduces the need for newly mined materials and lessens the strain on the Earth.

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