Cow monitoring technology: making dairy farming easier and more profitable

    Read CowManager’s new eBook to learn about its innovative cow monitoring technology and how the company aims to improve the dairy industry.

    CowManager’s latest eBook discusses the benefits of using its cow monitoring technology to collect data on the health, fertility, nutrition, and location of dairy herds. In addition to an exclusive interview with Innovation News Network, the new publication features:

    • The key elements of the ear sensor technology
    • CowManager’s background and why its expertise position its clients as leaders in the dairy industry
    • The importance of monitoring the ear temperature of cows
    • CowManager’s customer experience

    The eBook also addresses CowManager’s ethos regarding strong customer relationships with professional local expertise, which helps the business cooperate with several dealers worldwide. These dealers are carefully selected based on their reliability, local presence, and expertise in the dairy industry and are trained to provide excellent support and take clients’ experience with CowManager to the next level.

    About CowManager

    CowManager is a family owned business, located on a dairy farm in Harmelen, Holland. Since 2012, the system has been on the market and years of research and development has allowed it to successfully grow into a globally proven system. Currently more than 50 employees, most of them with an agricultural background, work on the development, sales, and support of the system.

    CowManager has revolutionised the world of cow monitoring systems with ground-breaking innovations in active ear sensor technology. CowManager’s complete plug-and-play system is compatible with various farm management systems. The data transmitted by the sensors is collected by (solar) routers which can be installed either inside or outside.

    The innovative system monitors each cow 24/7 and gives farmers real-time alerts regarding the herd’s health, fertility, nutrition, and location via easy to read, coloured hourly behaviour graphs on a smartphone or desktop.

    For more information, visit or follow CowManager on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and YouTube.

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