Creative solutions for the wood and construction industry

    The Bern University’s Institute for Materials and Wood Technology offers creative solutions for businesses in the wood and construction industry. The research group on wood modification present innovative and sustainable answers to the bio-based sector.

    The Institute for Materials and Wood Technology offers expertise in composite materials, furniture development, life cycle assessment and analysis, surface treatment, wood modification, adhesive technology, polymer chemistry, wood chemistry, material emissions, chemical characterisation of raw materials, emissions from construction materials determination, assessment of the emissions behaviour and so much more.

    Wood is a natural organic material with a very specific property profile, and therefore can be used in numerous technical applications. Wood can be used as construction material for furniture, flooring, windows or instruments.
    As well as being utilised for fields such as civil engineering (e.g. for building houses, bridges or towers), or as an insulation material and provide an extraordinary living standard during both summer and winter. Moreover because of its perfect ratio between strength and density, wood becomes an ideal lightweight material.

    Focusing on the sustainable use of our resources, the Institute for Materials and Wood Technology, based at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland, develops multi-functional wood and composite materials as well as innovative products for the timber and construction industries. Our extensive knowledge of materials, wood, wood technology and other renewable materials enables us to find innovative ways of using these resources.
    This feature on the Institute for Materials and Wood Technology showcases the services in research and development that the research group have to offer. Using their state-of-the-art facilities Bern University’s institution offers innovative solutions and further education opportunities.

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