IFM nanothrusters and the future of electric propulsion technology in the satellite market

    ENPULSION is the world leader in manufacturing micro and nanosatellite propulsion systems which are based on Field-emission Electric Propulsion.

    ENPULSION: Leading for over 15 years

    An Austrian company headquartered in Wiener Neustadt, ENPULSION has been researching and developing the cutting-edge technology in cooperation with the European Space Agency (ESA) for over fifteen years. Find out more about its fascinating heritage inside the eBook, including their creation of the first semi-automatic production line for satellite propulsion systems.

    Revolutionising Electric Propulsion technology

    This eBook provides a unique insight into the innovative Field-Emission Electric Propulsion technology for scientific satellites.  Field-emission Electric Propulsion technology is an advanced electrostatic satellite propulsion concept of an ion engine that uses liquid metal as the propellant. More about how this works in action, and the role of ENPULSION’s products, the IFM Nano Thrusters, are featured within the eBook.

    The global space industry

    According to ESA, however, Electric Propulsion is a key, revolutionary technology (ESA, 2015).

    ENPULSION outline the emerging CubeSat satellite constellations market, and how ENPULSION’s technology meets the needs of the Electric Propulsion market which now represents almost the 10% of the global space industry value.

    From research to production

    You can also find out how ENPULSION have successfully developed their research into the serial production of products which have been tested in spacecraft orbit. As user requirements grow, ENPULSION are able to fulfil individual specifications using their IFM nano-modules like Lego blocks, which are self-contained propulsion systems.

    The future of Electric Propulsion technology

    ENPULSION discusses the future of Electric Propulsion technology in the global space industry, and how it is working to improve the production process while maintaining the highest quality manufacturing of its thrusters.

    ENPULSION founder and CEO. Alexander Reissner, says: “This is just the beginning, the goal is to produce at least 500 thrusters per year in 2019.”

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