Electric vehicle safety: Brigade offers innovative solution

    As the transition to low- and zero-emission vehicles takes hold, the safety of electric vehicles has become an increasingly pressing issue.

    Electric vehicles run significantly more quietly than those powered by internal combustion engines, particularly when they are driven below 30 mph; leading to concerns over the safety of vulnerable road users when crossing the road. These issues are most prevalent in built-up areas, suburbs and when an electric vehicle is parking; and electric cars are 37% more likely than traditionally fuelled vehicles to be involved in accidents with pedestrians. 30 million people across Europe are blind or partially sighted; meaning without a clear audible signal they are at particular risk of being involved in an accident with an electric vehicle.

    Brigade Electronics, formed by Chris Hanson-Abbott in 1976, debuted the world’s first vehicle reversing alarm in the same year; and has produced innovative acoustic vehicle safety solutions ever since – in addition to lobbying for stricter regulation of vehicle alert systems and raising awareness worldwide of the importance of acoustic alerts for electric vehicle safety.

    With new regulations coming into force in September 2019 mandating that new electric vehicles must be fitted with Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems, alongside increasingly strict targets on transport emissions reduction meaning uptake of electric vehicles is expected to become increasingly popular, Brigade’s development of and campaigning for in-vehicle acoustic alert systems is set to make its overarching vision – enshrining safety for all on roads and work sites – a reality.

    This eBook also covers:

    • The development and implications of international legislation governing the levels of sound produced by electric vehicles;
    • The Quiet Vehicle Sounder, Brigade Electronics’ pioneering commercial Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System;
    • Example case studies featuring the Quiet Vehicle Sounder in action; and
    • Industry recognition for Brigade’s innovations in the field of transport safety.

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    For more information on Brigade Electronics Group Plc please visit: https://brigade-electronics.com

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