Cashless solutions for logistics companies and drivers

    ETP Card Processing has developed a new cashless solution for logistics companies, fleet operators and owner drivers to keep track of expenditure streamline expenses, and make their businesses more efficient and profitable.

    The SNAP account began with an idea to provide a cashless system for drivers to pay for parking, and quickly expanded into a comprehensive package of services which can be paid for without cash. The booklet explains exactly how the system works, including a simple step-by-step guide to setting up a SNAP account. Drivers open a free account, and can pay for everything from parking and cleaning to recovery and repair using the account. Then, at the end of each month the account holder receives a simple, itemised invoice which details expenses without hidden fees, sign-up costs or subscription charges.

    The SNAP account has a number of key benefits:

    • Cashless payment for a range of services;
    • One itemised bill, detailing the costs per vehicle;
    • Online account management for monitoring real-time expenses;
    • Managing which services are accessible by which vehicle, and how frequently;
    • Licence plate recognition links vehicles to the account; and
    • No need to collect receipts.

    Because of these benefits and more, the SNAP account is the solution of choice for more than 60,000 drivers from over 2,500 companies in over 30 countries. The network has expanded to over 130 sites across the UK, including 12 secure depot parking sites which are exclusive to drivers using SNAP.

    The booklet also details a number of additional services, including a new roadside assistance service which can also be easily and efficiently managed through the SNAP account. The new partner mobile app Intruck offers drivers the ability to search through all major truck stops in the UK, and provides opening times, contact details and information on facilities. Further, owners of depot sites can make money by offering available parking spaces to SNAP users, and the company will promote the site to drivers across all its platforms.

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