Exploring forestry digitalisation with Wuudis Solutions Oy

    Wuudis Solutions Oy provides reliable, convenient IT solutions for digitised forestry projects, including a comprehensive mobile programme.

    The sustainable management and monitoring of forests demands a flexible, mobile solution. Wuudis is that solution – a network service covering the full value chain of the forestry business, enabling convenient sharing of data and allowing users to manage inventory, damage monitoring and logistics remotely. With an overarching goal of creating a fully realised digital ecosystem which will allow its users to manage and monitor forests autonomously, Wuudis is one of the fastest growing small to medium enterprises in the European Union; serving more than 3000 commercial clients and partnering with an array of EU projects, including LogistEC, CASTLE and SLOPE.

    Modern forestry management

    Wuudis Solutions Oy has partnered with the DataBio project to develop a tree-wise digital forestry monitoring ecosystem using remote sensing and hyperspectral technology. The solution, comprising apps, services and processed data, can analyse, extract and store information in order to implement a tree-wise inventory system, using certified unmanned aerial vehicles and hyperspectral camera monitoring. Users have the facility to assess carbon stock, detect damages and forest degradation; and separate and analyse data at will.

    More than two billion people worldwide derive some or all of their income from the forestry industry, which generates €200 billion per year globally; €110 billion of which is generated in Europe. Wuudis believes all industry professionals need better solutions to streamline the management and monitoring of forests: owners of forests need to oversee the ongoing health and overall value of their properties; contractors in forestry based industries need a solution which will enable them to offer their services directly to forest owners; and large corporations need to enable the capability of delivering more and better quality wood to their customers. Wuudis is dedicated to providing those solutions to every facet of the forestry industry.

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