Better broadband for public safety

    Goodmill Systems Ltd provides excellent broadband solutions for public safety operators in critical situations.

    As modern applications expand and develop, they require broadband digital solutions, and the construction of dedicated broadband networks requires dedicated infrastructure and huge public spending. This is particularly true in the case of public safety and security (PSS) applications, which are used in some situations where fast and efficient access to the internet can mean the difference between life and death.

    Public safety solutions

    The online PSS solution is a Blue Ocean strategy, a business model which could reduce or even eliminate investment into new networks while simultaneously improving data security, reliability, coverage and resilience.

    In this booklet Goodmill Vice President Juhani Lehtonen outlines the challenges of trying to provide the reliable broadband access that police forces, ambulance services and other mobile public safety and security operations need.

    It also introduces Goodmill’s w24h-S device, a multichannel router which brings revolutionary wireless broadband connectivity within the reach of mobile public safety and security organisations. With this technology and the Blue Ocean business model, Goodmill aims to:

    • Eliminate big infrastructure investment;
    • Remove dedicated frequencies and proprietary technology;
    • Reduce network upgrade investment;
    • Increase local availability support;
    • Create a multiple network approach; and
    • Establish ad hoc network capability and IP-based applications.

    The booklet also details how network slicing creates more reliability in providing the detailed location information, HD video, real-time database access and Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) services that public safety and security organisations rely on – and why this will require a rapid shift towards technologies that will radically expand capabilities.

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