Conquering global markets with Horizon 2020

    EurA AG, a technology and innovation consultancy operating throughout Europe, supports the market leaders of tomorrow along the innovation process, through the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument application: from research and development of new products to market introduction and international marketing of innovations.

    EurA implements innovations by using regional, state and European subsidies and operates active technology transfer. They also facilitate more than 40 federal and international innovation networks in which entrepreneurial individual developments and associations from science and economy are initiated.

    The team of EurA supports SMEs in putting their innovative products and services into practice by effectively applying for public grants, finding development partners, and accomplishing the product launch. EurA serves over 1,500 clients coming from a broad range of technical industries such as:

    • Chemistry;
    • Energy;
    • Life science;
    • ICT;
    • Aerospace;
    • Photonics;
    • Environment and many more.

    Throughout this booklet, EurA discusses the commission’s funding programme across multiple articles; these include:

    • Conquering global markets with the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument;
    • European SMEs grasp a unique chance; and
    • The SME Instrument is a programme for the market leaders of tomorrow;

    What is the Horizon 2020 programme?

    The European Commission’s funding programme Horizon 2020 supports groundbreaking innovations with a budget of close to €3bn over the period 2014 to 2020, and it empowers SMEs to conquer global markets.

    The SME Instrument is unique because it’s the first EU funding programme supporting commercial activities. It promotes the entrepreneurial development and expansion of companies who aim to become market leaders in their segment, in their technology with their process, and whose business has outstanding potential to create jobs and added value in Europe.

    By linking research and innovation, the Horizon 2020 research programme – which is the biggest EU research and innovation programme yet – is helping to achieve a sustainable Europe with its emphasis on excellent science.

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