mBryonics Ltd drives satellite communications innovation

    mBryonics Ltd is an independent technology development company specialising in the field of photonics systems for the harsh environment of space.

    mBryonics is based in Galway, Ireland, and prides itself on managing and developing engineering solutions for complex technological systems and adopting tools and methodologies to enable rapid development time-horizons.

    ‘mBryonics’ relates to the process of realising key technological concepts where the technologies required are at an embryonic level, as well as to the adoption of a stringent roadmap to advance technological solutions to maturity at a system level towards market readiness.

    Specialisations and aims

    The Ireland-based development company specialises in photonics, which is the combination of light sources (e.g. LEDs, lasers), optical design, lens systems, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and software engineering. Product design and in-house manufacturing enable prototypes from the research bench right through to design and prototyping for pre-production.

    As described in this booklet, in the field of satellite communications mBryonics is one of Europe’s leading developers and manufacturers of free space optical communications (FSOC) systems, optical ground terminals and adaptive optics systems. As part of its modular system‐level FSOC product portfolio, the company is developing an optical satellite software defined network architecture around its reliable and low‐error rate optical links, enabled by its adaptive optic atmospheric mitigated feeder links.

    The aim is to enable an inherently efficient internet in space that can be seamlessly integrated with the terrestrial cellular and wired networks and to form part of the new backbone wireless network required for the envisioned 5G ecosystem. As the wireless eco-system evolves the ArcLight® software defined optical onboard modem enables a satellite and distributed ground network infrastructure to evolve with it to enable seamless integration into future generations, such as 6G.

    The goal is a space-based ‘network‐as‐a‐service’: a seamless, re-programmable system of systems, capable of delivering vastly improved bandwidth and reduced latency compared to state of the art satellite communication technologies.

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