New hope for those suffering from cardiac and vascular conditions

    The Department of Cardiology at University Medical Center Mainz is revolutionising the industry, offering hope to those suffering from cardiac and vascular conditions.

    As one of the largest cardiac facilities in Germany, The Department of Cardiology, University Medical Center Mainz at Johannes Gutenberg University, Germany, has a large network of laboratories and medical units. Using their innovative methods, the Department aims to reduce the number of invasive heart valve surgeries.

    Want to learn more? Read all about the research and therapies the Department offers here: Excellence in Cardiovascular Medicine and Research

    Inside this eBook

    In this latest eBook you can read about the life saving care the Department of Cardiology offers. This new eBook covers areas such as:

    • Minimising invasive therapy though specialised techniques,
    • Coronary diagnostics and research,
    • Interventional therapy of chronic coronary occlusions,
    • Preventative medicine,
    • The widely underestimated cardiovascular risk factor of air pollution,
    • The Mainz Heart Foundation.

    Did you know that the Department of Cardiology is partnered with Innovation News Network? Make sure you check out their Partner Profile page here: Excellence in Cardiology

    About the Department of Cardiology

    The internationally recognised Department of Cardiology, University Medical Center Mainz at Johannes Gutenberg University has approximately 400 dedicated members of staff that work tirelessly to ensure that patients receive the highest quality treatment available.

    Thanks to their team of highly trained, specialised medical professionals, the Department of Cardiology recently made headline news after implanting the first motor-controlled heart valves in Europe, offering a new treatment option for a narrowed aortic valve.

    The centre covers almost every aspect of cardiac and vascular treatment; however, the focus of the centre is the treatment and diagnosis for those suffering from the following:

    • Acute coronary syndromes,
    • Heart valve disease,
    • Arrhythmia,
    • Heart failure,
    • Peripheral artery disease,
    • Congenital heart disease.

    Want to learn more about the Department of Cardiology? Check out their website here: Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

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