The OLA: innovation and healthy ageing

    INOVA+ is the OLA (Organizational Life Assistant) project co-ordinator taking the overall responsibility for project management and product market introduction.

    Counting over 20 years of experience in innovation consulting and market-oriented applied research, through its digital unit INOVA+ specialises in research and development, proof of concept and ICT product market introduction in the areas of:

    • Health;
    • Sustainable cities;
    • Intelligent buildings; and
    • Industrial automation.

    The INOVA+ digital unit holds a vast know-how on technology transfer processes mediation, access to a vast network of academic and business partners, experience in the valorisation of technologies and launching spin-offs. Besides INOVA+, the project leader, OLA consortium, consists of five experienced and committed partners spread around three different European AAL Joint Programme partner states (Portugal, Hungary and Sweden), assuring relevant scientific and technical expertise.

    What is the OLA?

    Throughout this booklet, INOVA+ discusses the OLA – a solution that provides an answer to societal challenges by providing an innovative organisational life assistant, a virtual presence that supports activities relating to the daily living needs of older adults.

    It collects and analyses the health and physical activity data of older adults and ‘showcases’ it to both the elderly user and the caregiver in order to promote greater autonomy for the former and increase the digital presence of the latter and, in doing so, reduces the need of the physical presence of the caregiver.

    Using data in health

    Within the project framework, the OLA kit was integrated with diagnostic tools that allow the user to be continuously monitored, particularly with regard to vital parameters such as:

    • Blood pressure;
    • Blood glucose levels;
    • Body weight; and
    • Balance.

    The OLA is centred around using cloud services and health data analytics, and the data is collected from medical devices, being anonymously transmitted to the cloud via OLA’s health IoT sensor gateway. The solution shows how a senior’s health condition can be improved. Regarding daily wellbeing support, OLA is also used to prevent future diseases, tackling the general population of seniors, which have a low rate of mobility and activity levels.

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